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ReefLens™ Reef Aquarium Lens Kit - Now Instock and Shipping!

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Oceanbox Designs

📷Introducing ReefLens™, the only Reef Aquarium Lens Kit for Smartphone designed for Reefers by Reefer/Photographer.


ReefLens™ is designed to enhance image capturing of corals and reef tank with your smartphone, especially under strong actinic lighting. It featured an all metal construction and multi-coated optics similar to a DSLR camera lens. The universal clip-on mount is also made of metal and designed to secure the ReefLens™ to your phone with no chance of slippage while in used by a locking thumb nut. ReefLens™ Reef Aquarium Lens Kit comes complete with a Wide Angle Lens, a Macro Lens, and a custom 12,000K actinic filter.


Oceanbox Designs ReefLens



Wide Angle Lens: Captures 0.45x wider area of view with low distortion (no fish-eyes effect). Typically used for full tank shot or landscape.
Macro Lens: Captures 12.5x close-up view within 1~2.5in focus distance. Typically used for corals, flower, insect, jewelry, etc.
12,000K Actinic Filter: Custom developed to capturing image under strong actinic lighting. Typically used for reef tank and corals.
Patent pending Metal Mounting Clip with Locking Nut design, no slippage from your phone while mounted and in used.
Compatible with most smartphone.

Lens Kit Content:

  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Macro Lens
  • 12,000K Actinic Filter
  • Instruction Manual
  • Front & Rear Lens Caps
  • Velvet Carrying Pouch
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Featured Photos/Videos Gallery:


ReefLens Gallery


Product Details and Purchase:




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