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Found 15 results

  1. Our small family team (me and my wife) started a small contribution making medical grade face shields to donate to our local hospitals (in DFW, Texas) that are in dire need of PPE and also provide them at a discount to healthcare workers nation wide. So far we have delivered 30 face shields to Methodist Richardson and 50 more will go to the Covid-19 unit at Parkland Dallas next week, plus a dozen more to other healthcare workers nation-wide. We are in need of help, due to limited fund we can manage out of pocket, with purchases of face shields or donation to go toward expenses for making more face shields for donation. If you'd like to help us together, see our full contribution details and progress below. Stay safe and god bless you all! OBD PPE Contribution Details: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/ppe/ Progress: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/oceanboxdesignsppe/
  2. It has finally evolved! Super excited to present a sneak peek of our V2 Magnetic Anemone’s Den (aka Shroom Box). Pre-order will be available momentarily. Feel free to comment with any questions you may have, we know you do!
  3. First Look at the NEW CoralOne™ "GLO Edition". Now in production! Stay tuned for more details and pre-order special announcement.
  4. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Our "Cyber Monday" Sale is in full effect! 10% OFF entire OBD products line, no coupon needed (prices are already marked down). Good through 12/2. There will be no more sales after this! Have a fantastic week ahead and Happy Reefing! www.oceanboxdesigns.com
  5. New build in progress from last night! Our 2g counter top reef is getting a tank-lift! Sleek and clean is a must due to the small spacing and we wanted this to be an easy to maintain Nano system. New updates will be added to the thread below so make sure you always check the latest post for updates or you can also follow our instagram @OceanboxDesigns Our New Counter Top tank! This 2G tank is going down! and down it was! New tank is up and clearing up...Best thing was I didn't have to cycle this tank since everything was transferred from the 2g. Now comes the fun part! Scaping and stocking!
  6. We're happy to announce the new Oceanbox Designs® GLO™ MTX (Multi-Tiers Expandable) Frag Racks System, designed with high quality, extreme aesthetic, and expansion capability in mind for even the most demanding vendors and reefers to aquaculturing and propagating corals. Our 3-Tiers system (MTX-150) can house up to 150 frags (222 frags expanded) per system. The GLO™ MTX is cleverly designed to be expandable with our 12 Frags GLO™ Magnetic Frag Racks DUO allowing you to increase holding capacity up to 24 frags per tier. Currently we’re offering two sizes suitable for low profile (8-10″ tall) frag tanks and grow out (12-15″ tall) frag tanks. Pre-order pricing and specifications are available on our site. https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-mtx-multi-tiers-expandable-frag-racks-system-oceanbox-designs/
  7. Celebrate the 4th of July with us with 10% off select OBD products. July 3rd - July 5th*May not apply to previous orders, one coupon per order.
  8. Oceanbox Designs

    Aquashella 2019 - Dallas, TX

    Had a blast at Aquashella Dallas this past weekend!! It was right in my neck of the woods so I'd be crazy not to go. Meeting new friends and seeing old ones again were the best part! This was the only show I was busy envying the stunning neon art installs at the entrance gallery, talk reefs and networking, and didn't bother looking at the corals or anything else until the last minutes. I only made it to the show the last few hours on Sat but stayed until we got kicked out haha...but was well worth it!!
  9. 📷Introducing ReefLens™, the only Reef Aquarium Lens Kit for Smartphone designed for Reefers by Reefer/Photographer. ReefLens™ is designed to enhance image capturing of corals and reef tank with your smartphone, especially under strong actinic lighting. It featured an all metal construction and multi-coated optics similar to a DSLR camera lens. The universal clip-on mount is also made of metal and designed to secure the ReefLens™ to your phone with no chance of slippage while in used by a locking thumb nut. ReefLens™ Reef Aquarium Lens Kit comes complete with a Wide Angle Lens, a Macro Lens, and a custom 12,000K actinic filter. Features: Wide Angle Lens: Captures 0.45x wider area of view with low distortion (no fish-eyes effect). Typically used for full tank shot or landscape. Macro Lens: Captures 12.5x close-up view within 1~2.5in focus distance. Typically used for corals, flower, insect, jewelry, etc. 12,000K Actinic Filter: Custom developed to capturing image under strong actinic lighting. Typically used for reef tank and corals. Patent pending Metal Mounting Clip with Locking Nut design, no slippage from your phone while mounted and in used. Compatible with most smartphone. Lens Kit Content: Wide Angle Lens Macro Lens 12,000K Actinic Filter Instruction Manual Front & Rear Lens Caps Velvet Carrying Pouch Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Featured Photos/Videos Gallery: Product Details and Purchase: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/reeflens/
  10. Starts 10AM until Midnight Central Time. Random Markdown on all GLO Magnetic Frag Racks! https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-magnetic-mini-frag-racks-oceanbox-designs/ https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-magnetic-mini-frag-racks-duo-oceanbox-designs/ Happy Halloween Nano-Reef! 🥘
  11. Oceanbox Designs

    New Atomic Blue GLO Magnetic Frag Rack

    Due to popular demand, we've added Atomic Blue to our popular GLO Magnetic Frag Racks series. Order yours at: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/products/corals-propagation/frag-racks/ See original thread for full product details:
  12. We had a super blast day at Brew Frag Fest 2017 and meeting some of coolest reefers and awesome friends. All good things come to an end but will never be forgotten. Thank you everyone who stopped by and gave us your support! I really appreciated it very much ?? Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!! Setting up on Friday night - 12/1 at Sigma Brewing Company - Houston, TX. Event Day - 12/2 Meet the Oceanbox Designs fam!! My brother and my fiance! My two favorite assistants - Can't happen without them!! Debuting a new 6.7 gallon Shallow Pico AIO and Gen2 Nano-Reefer 10G AIO Signature tanks. New announcements on these soon!! Debuting our new Magnetic Locking Frag Racks in collaboration with Ben Su from Building An Obsession, LLC. Will have an announcement on that as well!
  13. Super excited to making my ways to our first public show, come have fun and check out Oceanbox Designs products in person to see what the hypes have been all about. Reef and Beer in the same place!!! See you there! ??? Brew Frag Fest - Dec. 2nd - Houston, Texas **Mark Your Calendar**
  14. Oceanbox Designs

    Oceanbox Designs & Marine Depot

    Oceanbox Designs CoralOne™ Magnetic Solo Frag Rack now available on MarineDepot.com!  I'm super excited and honored to be a part of one of the largest saltwater supplies team! I'm looking forward to bringing more of my products to the team at MD. Thank you @Marine Depot!!! ?? Â
  15. Hello Reefers and Saltwater Enthusiasts!Let's take a moment to appreciate the Reef Hobby! As a token of my appreciation I'm doing 10% OFF through the weekend, use code: REEFHOBBY at checkout. *Some items may be excluded and may not be applied to previous orders.  Remember to Keep Up with your tank and Happy Reefing!  Â
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