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AI Hydra 26HD Mount Options

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Hey Everyone!


I picked up (2) AI Hydra 26HD's and am trying to figure out best mounting option. My DT is already full and running so mounting anything to the back of the stand is not an option. The two options I am considering are the DIY TV mount or the HMS Multi-Light Kit. I don't want to spend a fortune to mount these lights and I am worried the HMS setup will sit too high above the water level. Does anyone know if these can be adjusted? 


If anyone has any DIY mounts they want to share, I would really appreciate it. Again, I cannot mount anything to back of stand as tank is full and operational. Also, if you have done the TV mount option, I could really use some good pictures showing how its connected. 





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I have a smaller thank than yours  but I will be adding another hydra 26hd soon and I plan to use the HMS mount, the Hydra 52 brack then suspend the 2 hydra 26's with their brackets off the ends of the hydra 52 bracket. Should give me a better spread than one 52

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