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January 2019 Featured Reef - Cannedfish's 10 Gallon Nano Reef

Christopher Marks

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Christopher Marks

For January 2019 we're featuring community member @Cannedfish and his 10 gallon SPS dominant nano reef!




Click the photo above to check out his featured reef profile article! You can also find Cannedfish's aquarium journal in our Aquarium Journals forum to learn more about the history of this tank. Please share your questions and comments for Cannedfish in the comments section found at the bottom of the article!

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47 minutes ago, Joevember said:

Congrats! 🙌👏🎉

It's about time!!! 😁 I've been following the thread since I made my account.

Thank you! I’m still a bit shocked!

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I’ve always liked this tank. Several reasons, but most prominent to me are.... It’s packed to the gills. The other is the ability to keep just about everything, regardless of the needs.


Now normally, when I see a small tank with 50,000 different types of corals packed in, it looks like crap to me. However, even when I first saw it, I was kinda torn. I didn’t know what to think. I don’t like a ton of corals, but I like this. WTF is going on here? This guy pulls it off. 


Pulling it off off is really what leads to my other like. Keeping thriving acros, as well as thriving NPS is a delicate balance. Not something I would think just anyone could do. Indeed, as packed with rock and coral as this tank is, I would think it impossible. Not really, more like very very unlikely. It goes to show the power of water changes is no lie.


Ive had a few discussions with this coonass, mostly regarding fish. Indeed, considering his ability to keep what he’s kept. I even suggested a blue striped pipefish. (Not a fish I would normally suggest for someone with a 10 gallon) It’s unfortunate that didn’t pan out too well. 


Mostly, I’m just happy to see a smartass get TOTM.

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I checked out your thread and the tank is awesome definitely well deserved, reading the comments was hilarious!

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