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  1. Congrats man! Well deserving tank!! Can’t wait to see the new build unfold!!
  2. Still have a few of them! Unfortunately, I lost a couple while battling aptasia, but every once and a while a new one or two will pop up. I am pretty sure they are sun corals, but who knows! Interestingly, @banasophia (I believe) has had her sun corals spawn, so she is probably the resident expert on baby suns!
  3. Blenwood is the really sassy Tailspot Blenny who rules over the tank!
  4. Hey yo!! Monthly Update time! Unlike my biceps, SAT scores, or ability to resist temptation, January was strong, and it gives me hope for the rest of 2019! On the fish tank front, to nearly everyone’s surprise the old Blen Castle won January’s TOTM! For me personally, it was a humbling honor, for Blen-Daddy it has only served to boost his ego, which was already struggling to stay contained in his two and a half inches. I would say he’s spent the month strutting around like a peacock, but honestly that would be an almost criminal undersell. Rather, he has spent the last 30 or so days strutting around like a magnificent unicorn-eagle hybrid spawned entirely out of stripper glitter and the the hopes and chiffon dreams of teenage beauty pageant queens. It’s not only magnificent but awe inspiring. Enough about Blen-Money, what out the the tank... Despite being incredibly needy (daily water changes, a plethora of fancy supplements, intense maintenance routine, etc) the tank has done surprisingly well through January being neglected, as I gallivanted around the country shooting various species of game birds. That being said, I am currently writing this update from a Delta lounge as I prepare to leave the tank for another week (fingers crossed it doesn’t go nuclear) as I try my hardest to contract some debilitating stomach bug while eating my way across Mexico City. One of my resolutions was to lose weight, and if that takes flying to Mexico and getting a weird intestinal parasite then so be it! Livestock wise, January has been relatively quiet. Nothing died (yet), and I picked up: a blasto, TCK Pikachu acro, RMF Gilla Monster acro (finally got it), RMF Sapphire Mille. Otherwise, things have been stable and growth has been good! Welp on to the next month! ..... Progress Pics!
  5. Thanks! The GSP is a weed! If you look closely you can see it has completely covered by SpinStream, so much so that this is just a hole where the nozzle pokes out. I'm going to need to do something about that... Thank you! I really apprieciate that! Thanks man! Yeah, Blen_reef is my super secret social media alias that apparently isn't much of a secret... Here's where I tell all the dirty tank secrets and really showcase my failures. At some point I should probably should change my handle so they are the same but... I'm really lazy.
  6. Watch out for wolves!! (also congrats on the pick-ups! The tank is looking good! I owe both you and @tanacharison some delicious brewdogs or maybe something harder...)
  7. I have to agree the tank is beginning to fill in really quickly. As some of the acros have left their frag cocoon and transitioned to mini colonies it seems that real estate is being to be lost at an exponential rate. In fact, nearly everywhere I look there is warfare happening or things are growing into, onto or on-top of other things. Unfortunately, barring some sort of miracle (I'm looking at you Louisiana Lottery), I don't foresee a bigger tank in the cards. Mainly because our house was clearly designed by idiot in the mid-to-late 1800's who was an asshole and didn't take into account that 150 years later some moron would want a fish tank larger than 10 gallons. Furthermore, they apparently also though insulation was uncool. In fact, when designing our house they decided that most of the square footage of the house should be occupied by stairs. Our house isn't that big, and we have three, yes three, sets of stairs. Sometimes I wake in the night sweating after dreaming I was trapped in an MC Esher drawing, only to realize that I am. So, in summary, despite a amazing offer by @This guy is extra salty to build a custom tank (y'all need to check his insane acrylic work out), a larger tank isn't in the cards... or stairs... stupid house. Unfortunately, ole Blen-Daddy hasn't lost weight... that's just his skinny angle. He's still fat. It's like when you see a picture of a group of sorority girls on Instagram and they are all slightly turned about a 45 degrees with their front leg bent... that's no accident... that's the skinny pose. You instantly lose 10 lbs. And that exactly what Blenwood does. If you saw him in real life, without his make up on, you would think he was an Angler fish. Woof. Thank you! I really appreciate it! It was definitely a surprise and a huge honor! I agree, adding a second light makes a huge difference. It's amazing the amount of shadows you get with a single puck. I have my lights about 10 or so inches above the tank at the moment, and have the lights spread out so the edge of each puck is about at the edge of the tank and have them ever so slightly angled towards the center. Shoot me a PM with your email, and I will send you over my settings. When I first added the second light, I did turn them both down to about 80%, and then ramped the lights up 5% every five days or so till they were each at 100% of my settings. To tell you the truth, now that some of acros have grow even more, I am considering adding two more Primes. Either than, or hoping Dave comes out with a 12" LED/T5 hybrid... And now some photos... Creeps McGee... Growth has made photo taking a bit trickier... How to get "ultimate coloration:" GEL FILTER! Last weekend's quail hunt:
  8. Seriously, Echinata's don't play... .............................. Some recent updates from my 10 gallon Thunderdome: Echinata>Lepto Echinata>Digi Cyphastrea>Dendro Acro>Anacropora Pectinia>Cyphastea
  9. Aptly put. From what I was told, this thing is a fancy smancy blasto. When I got it was in super rough shape, which accounted for the extreme discount I was able to swindle it for (*diabolically rubs hands together*) . But with daily feeding it has started to make a recovery. Sometimes I am skeptical with certain coral fads... But I do declare, this little LPS, even in it's particularly and most unsightly "ridden-hard-and-put up-wet" condition is arguably the brightest thing in my tank. It's currently tucked a way in a back corner (I hate the look of frag racks), but when the blues come on this thing is "shier than a diamond in a goats arse!" Thanks, man! Baring any sort of apocalyptic event it may eventually grow fully out... in 12-15 months. 🤦‍♂️ ................................. Anyways, I owe the journal a monthly tank update, and FTS, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. In the mean time here are some unimpressive photos to get your through Humpday! Lorp doin' a Lorp: Digi: CB White Zombie: Captain Dumbface:
  10. Wow. That spider sponge is simply amazing!! It really makes me want one! Do you have any issues with algae growing on it? Is it photosynthetic? it is easy to care for? Have you seen any growth? Who were the two men on the grassy knoll? I have so many questions...
  11. ...soon... .................... Anyways here are some mediocre Friday morning pictures to (in conjunction with a cocktail) help ease you into the weekend. In other news, I cannot for the life of me take pictures of fish. It's my shame. Fish tales: Color-up! Color-up! Color-up! Whiskers the Good Boy: One day I'll take a clear fish pic...
  12. Alright, where are we? That’s right, somehow it’s already a fortnight into the 2019. Woof. Now, I understand why I don’t remember the ball dropping (it rhymes with smourbon), and I get that I lost a week or so off my life shooting ducks in the Boston Harrbah (it more-or-less also rhymes with smourbon), but besides that it’s pretty much a blank.... At this point I’m not even upset that I keep writing 2018 as the date when I’m kiting checks for suspicious items at the sketchy corner bodega... I’ve given up. At this rate, I figure I’m not going to be ready for 2019 till at least mid-March. But shoot, if the government is shut down, screw it so am I. Enough about me though, we all you why you’re here, and that’s due to a two inch overweight aqua-weenie named Blenwood. You want to know how that pudgy Vienna sausage is doing? Well, he’s great! Though, despite gentle prodding, weight loss is not one of his New Year’s resolutions. Speaking of which, his actual resolutions include the following: 1) successfully run a “Nigerian Prince bank fraud scheme” on an unsuspecting group of wealthy widows, 2) really get into the Neapolitan ice cream flavor, 3) bring back hammer pants. It’s going to be an interesting year, I have faith in the little guy! In more relevant news, the tank on the whole is doing suspiciously well. Parameters have been relatively stable, things are growing pretty well, and generalized warfare has been at a minimum. So that’s cool. I do have what appears to be the beginnings of an aptasia infestation, so I’m going to pick up a peppermint shrimp this weekend. But other than that, the tank has pretty much been hanging out in what could be best described as the “grace period after an impressionable Hollywood starlet first leaves rehab and has yet to talk to either her step-mother or ex-boyfriend.” We all know disaster is on the horizon, it just hasn’t arrived yet. The frag tank on the other hand is a decrepit algae infested cesspool for utter shame and personal failure that is a likely disease vector for Ebola. I spent a good hour and a half this past weekend (which significantly cut into my dedicated smourbon time) completely scrubbing it of GHA/STD’s only for the plague to return no less than four days later. But as my mother used to say, what elbow grease can’t solve, a credit card can. So with those words of wisdom in mind, I have procured an IM refugium light, ordered an @inTank fuge basket, and have chaeto arriving from algae barn. I’m going to fight fire with fire... err algae with algae. And if that doesn’t work im going to literally fight algae with fire. The last statement isn’t a metaphor, I’m literally going to set the tank on fire. Welp that enough crappy updates, reading for nerds! Let’s get on to the crappy photos!! Walking Dendro: Sitting Dendro: Old School Contrast: Reclamation project:
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