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  1. Cannedfish

    Potter's "Engorgio!" 300ml micro-reef

    Nice! I call dibs on a piece of #10 when it finally grows into a colony! So I'll check back in a month Harry.
  2. Cannedfish

    Overkill led for ulns sps dominat tank

    You already have two Primes, I think adding another non-HD Prime would probably be best as they would all be the same and be controllable from one interface. I don't think adding another Prime or even two wouldn't be overkill for a 40 gallon if you wanted to go the SPS dominant route. However, as many have noted lighting is one one aspect of the equation. The lighting spectrum, flow, and water chemistry matter just as much. What are the light settings you are currently running?I'm curious about your tank being ulns? What filtration are you running? What are you using to test?
  3. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - *new pics

    Weirdly, she has been out a lot lately. She used to just hide in her lair and, I assume, plot to take over the tank, but recently she must have had a "come to Jesus" moment and realized her situation wasn't all that bad. Also we have had a bunch of pom pom crabs and this one is by far our most majestic, her poms are huge! Her majesty must be fueled by all the other pom pom crabs she's eaten... Ole Blen-Daddy physique is no accident. You don't get those sumptuous curves sitting on the couch and eating 'tato chips (or if you're from the old country... 'tato crisps) all day. That's right, it's a little known fact, but the secret to Blen-Money's bootylicious body is... plastic surgery. That's right, it's all fake. See Blenwood is both lazy and impatient, and after drinking four 5-Hour energies and then binge watching 12 seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, one season of Botched, and the Land Before Time, he was infected by Hollywood body-ideals, and immediately flew to Costa Rica and got some second rate implants, a few fillers, and a nip tuck. I must admit he has definitely nailed the "cheap date/hooker" look. I couldn't be more proud. But as for his diet, Blenwood get a mix of things. During the week I usually, leave one glass wall of the tank un-scraped so he (and the turbo snails) can graze on algae. He also loves to eat whatever I am feeding Lorp which is a rotating combination of: Reef Nutrition Roe, Reef Nutrition Mysis, Reef Nutrition Live Tigger Pods, PE Mysis, PE Calanus Pods, Sustainable Aquatics fish pellets (love these, usually in the morning), and LRS Nano Frenzy. Often I mix two or more of these foods (depending on what I'm feeling) and target feed the NPS and fish (one or twice a week I also through in some Reef Roids). ____________ Pictures: Party Shrimp: Button Scoly under actinics: SC OP: WWC After Party (and mystery acro) throwing out branches:
  4. Cannedfish

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    Shut down?! This has been the best thread all month! It has a little bit of everything: engagement, actual reefing discussion, drama, bad jokes, and sex...err... toys! If I could nominate this thread for an award I would!
  5. Cannedfish

    Wombat's Softy Nest (CADLights 8G)

    Love it!!
  6. Welp, you know what time it is? That’s right, quite possibly the last Sh$t Talk Friday! Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday that we were all unpacking our frags with hearts full of hope and a head dreaming of all the coral we could buy with 1,413 Tajikistani Solomonis. But such is life and reefkeeping is a cruel mistress, and in the proceeding six months we have unfortunately lost many of our comrades. Yes, it’s been a long and arduous road, full of good time and bad times and sometimes both. On one hand, @Nola Bear fragged a small human (that’s how it works, right?!). Congrats! On the other hand, @micoastreefing took his light swimming. While that was a terrible time for his wallet, it was great for the rest of our chances! Personally, I (and most likely you as well) never thought I would make even half way to the end, and I actually will be losing some bets on that (frag arbitrage... fragbitrage?) Anyways, it’s been a real swell time y’all! And the next time Sh&t talk Friday rolls around, it’ll be curtains for me (unless I have a growth spurt, then I’m 100% milking the grace period...)! Anyways, here she is suckers! Also looks at he weird polyps growing at the base of the branches (those are new!)!
  7. Cannedfish

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    @micoastreefing is 100% correct, you definitely don’t want to be like me, not because I have questionable morals and house chickens, nor is it because my tank is overly complicated. You don’t want to be me, because I manage a reef tank much like I imagine Helen Keller flies a helicopter: terribly. ...and no, I’m not saying that because she was blind (that would be a terrible prejudice), but rather because she’s dead.
  8. Cannedfish

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    Wait?! There are other forums?!
  9. Cannedfish

    Huge favor... Par readings.

    You are going to have to increase your settings if you want to grow acros at that depth.
  10. Cannedfish

    Alexey's Reefer 250 - New Light Installed!

    Man, your photos are straight delicious.
  11. Thinking back to setting up mine: 1. Test daily at the same time each day for the first week or some till you dial it in 2. Calibration is important, make sure you calibrate it and there are no air bubbles in the the tubing 3. You can dilute your two part with RODI water (I wish I had know that) so you can spread out your dosing throughout the day (I cut mine in half with RODI). This also allows you to fine tune your dosing better 4.start conservatively, it’s better to dose to little than too much. 5. Online dosing calculators will help you figure out how much to dose 6. Stagger your dosing of each part by a few minutes to prevent precipitation 7. You should dose equal parts alk and calc but of the two parameters alk is more important (they are both important) but you won’t nuke your tank as quickly if calc is to high or too low. Plus all is way easier to test for (I ducked it up and got a Hanna because it provided easier to quantify measurements) 8. You got this!!
  12. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - *new pics

    Incredibly my tank journal is almost a year old. I’m thinking the same thing, “how’ve I managed not to kill yet.” Somethings, like why the earth is flat, science just can’t explain. Anyways, here’s some pictures for your Tuesday enjoyment. Chonky ole Blenwood: Someday this thing will stop encrusting and actually grow upwards... Zoas slowly being smothered by the evil clove polyps: Nighttime kitchen views: PPC:
  13. Not that I am an expert by even the furthest stretch of the imagine (and thus take anything I say with a grain of salt), but I have to agree with @RayWhisperer and @seabass. While running a tank hot will most likely give you better growth the margin of error in parameters at these levels, in my opinion (especially with smaller systems), negate many of the advantages. I attempted to run my system at these elevated levels for a hot minute and it was a constant problem, it seemed like there was always something, more or less, on the verge of disaster. As stated many times, its not uncommon for a smaller system to have large parameter swings (these swings can be increased if the dosing is automated, unless measuring daily), and upwards drifting swings, I believe, are much riskier in elevated systems. An alk swing of 1.5+ if your running your system at 11.5 can have much more detrimental result than if you were running it at 8.5. I'm definitely not trying to talk you out of it, but when I first started auto dosing it took a while before I really had the dosing amounts dialed in (and I still test parameters several times a week). Overall, I am happy I switched to a 2-part dosing system, just giving my two-cents. Rant over.
  14. Cannedfish

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    I really love hearing about these various tank husbandry routines/theories from sucessful reefers... this should be a thread in its own right (no comments just tank ethos...).
  15. Marine depot sells a clam holder that works really well with small clams, I had my attached to a rock at first but was super happy when I got it to switch to the 'clam dish.' Just a suggestion.