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  1. Kids these days! Always smoking that reefer, doing the hanky-panky, and running around bare-bummed like heckin' savages.
  2. 150L of overthinking

    Great looking tank (both old and new)! Two months from now your going to be taking delivery of an even larger tank!
  3. Les Bon Tanks Roule

    This. Made. My. Day. (Mic drop) That's it I'm out, cuz that post, at this hour, can't be topped. Peace motals.
  4. Help me stock my 25 lagoon

    Hear hear! Blennys are always a good choice. Maybe not the most exciting pick, but a tail spot blenny is an awesome fish. Not only do the help control algae and have a perpetual dumb-guy face, but they love hanging out with you while you crush Miller Lites and complain about how your co-worker Barry literally looks like a frosted doughnut, and will never interject to tell you a terrible story about their cat. TSB +1.
  5. Minidoll's 20 gallon IM Fusion

    Just came across your tank journal; your tank is beautiful! I especially love the dendos, they are possibly my favorite coral. Please keep us updated and by all means when you do update, write a book! I'm sure it's something we'd all enjoy reading!
  6. Les Bon Tanks Roule

    Regarding a tank update: 1) there has been a relative lack of drama on the high seas, 2) a lack of pithy commentary from the ship's captain to atone for the lack of drama. Thus, here is less-than-stellar picture of rastas looking unhappy after being relegated to "unloved zoa island."
  7. Identification help please?

    Unless we are talking about hot dogs, then I am certainly no expert. And thus, I would rely more heavily on what others say. With that disclaimer out of the way, the bottom picture looks a bit like a bristle star. The top picture... I have no idea. But if my experience serves me correctly, I believe is the larval stage of the loch ness monster. Very rare in your parts.
  8. Angry-Monkey's IM Nuvo 10

    Everything thing is looking good!
  9. The Girlfriend Pico: Getting Creative With Dongs...

    All these 'dong' comments are literally "too much yankie for my wankie."
  10. Les Bon Tanks Roule

    Reason 8, why I love the Disco Biscuit: it is the embodiment of flamboyant gluttony (that is, gluttony with jazzy green wigglers to lure in its tasty snacks).
  11. Les Bon Tanks Roule

    Thanks for the verification! I'm trying to decide if it's worth going the whole 'acan garden' route or whether there is a better use for that space (like a bubbling treasure chest or awkwardly posed old timey diver (I would name her Kevin)). On another note, I'm originally from the tip of the mitt, and could totally go for some fall whether about now... They say New Orleaneans live in the swamp, however, on a day-to-day basis the only swamp is in your pants. An iPhone is way classier than the burner phone (long story), I'm rockin' at the moment. With a total of three pixels this phone camera is about as effective as a three-year-old trying to color within the lines. Basically, this camera phone produces pictures that looks like the morning after Crayola decided cheap tequila was a good idea. Luckily the lady like photography... BTW, feeding LPS(ish) corals is the 5th best thing about this hobby (full list to come later).
  12. Fish Advice - Goby Love Triangle?

    I need some advice. Our little tank, despite my best efforts, seems to be humming along. Currently, it is stocked with Blenwood the tail spot blenny (TSB) and the yet-to-be-named possum wrasse (PW) (thinking about naming her Penelope?). The original plan was to add one last fish, a shrimp goby (most likely a yasha or orange stripe), however, unlike a teenage boy, we have wanted to take our time fully stocking. Recently, Blen-Daddy and the PW, seem to have become buddies. They swim around together; they to steal the dedros' food together; they snap adorably annoying selfies together eating ice cream and post them with dumb hashtags like #besties, #foodies, and #blessed (get a life... and a job, millennials). As a result, I have kinda soured on the idea of adding a true shrimp goby to the dynamic. 1) because, I think Blenwood, although he would never admit it, is a bit of the jealous type, and 2) because PW is just too pretty for her own good. Specifically, I fear a third fish could make things... awkward. While this would, admittedly, make a great reality TV show, the tank is to small for a confessional both, and our kitchen was poorly designed and is too small to comfortable fit a film crew. I am, however, intrigued by the idea of adding a Griessingei Goby. These saucy little guys seem to check all the right boxes: 1) small; 2) quiet; 3) low bio-load; 4) flamboyantly fun-looking. Basically, they appears as though Evolution at some point got bored, had a few too many cold-ones, drunk dialed RuPaul and Cirque du Soleil, and was like "betcha won't." Anyways, everything I have read says I will never seem them and they aren't worth it. Does anyone have experience with them? Or any thoughts about adding one? Feel free to comment, or tell me to shut up and write less, or even suggest possum wrasse names.
  13. Tank. Looks. Awesome. But let's but honest, you know that. Lily the cat, however, is probably judging it, because cats are jerks. I love them (& have Siamese twins), but science has proven that cats are jerks. I also love your Pederson's shrimp! It may be time to give those transparent fancy-boys a second chance. My last one, apparently overcome with grief that Fergie and Josh Duhamel had split, determined life was no longer worth living, and decided to stick himself to the glass top. Although gruesome, and maybe a bit over dramatic, I can't really fault him, the stunt certainly had an aspect of morbid flair to it. See you Valhalla little guy.
  14. 2 Gal Pico - Light ordered.

    I could not figure out how to attach it as a PM. So here you go. As you can tell, I'm certainly not a graphic designer. I hope it turns out great!