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  1. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - February FTS

    I'm sure you have answered this before, but how do you like your Eshopps skimmer? What kinda funk is it pulling out? I currently have the Aqua Euro Nano II, however, despite my admittedly mediocre efforts, I can't seem to be able to tune it in so that I pull out anything darker than light green tea (and I looking for at minimum English Breakfast). Furthermore, I doubt it's because my water is too clean. Do you have any skimmer recommendations or advice? Also ,per usual, your tank look 'better than a kick in the ass with a frozen boot," but in the immortal words of Bender Rodriguez:
  2. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    Your tank (and photos) are fire!
  3. Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Apocalypse Camels

    I apologize for the lack of updates, however, I have haphazardly spent the last fortnight living the high life while gallivanting around the Moroccan countryside on the lam from Mardi Gras. To clarify this near disaster: by countryside I mean middle of the Sahara Desert, and by high life, I mean... tent. And while I may have not been fully hoodwinked, I do feel the description given when I agreed to go to this 'luxury resort' was a bit like my Tinder profile... a liberal and optimistic interpretation of reality... I guess karma's a bitch. Anyways, while I may have not had internet, I was pretty much drowning in nearly every other five-star amenity: an in tent Jacuzzi (bucket o' water and a bowl), chauffeured car service (a camel), premium location (two hours from the nearest road), properly trained English butlers (Berber nomads), and the finest manicured grounds (sand, lots of sand). Never one to shy away from a challenge, I awkwardly hand motioned the nearest nomad to "hold my beer" (the language barrier made the whole scene significantly less dramatic), I went full Sheryl Sandberg. What mean is leaned into the desert vagabond lifestyle...hard. At this point I can wrap a turban and wear a djalaba like I was born for it. See below. Now, to the bar... err... tank! Following the last experience with our housekeeper and my freshwater tank (where TJ either was attempting to nuke the tank or genuinely believed that fish were not happily unless the tank bottom was fully and evenly carpeted with a quarter inch of fish food) I sat Blenwood down and in my sternest Dad voice, told him I was concerned about his weight, and that he was going to have to go on a two week diet. After a few minutes of arguing about the effectiveness of a juice cleanse and lambasting the GOOP lifestyle (apparently, the only thing Blenwood loves more than Croissants and Totinos Pizza Rolls is Gwyneth Paltrow), he demurely agree that not feeding while I was away was in his best interest. Although, I fully expected to come home to tank situation that would best be described as 'apocalyptic', I was shocked to find that everything more or less made it. Though, there appears to be some bleaching at the base edge of three acros ( I'm afraid it may be STN, advice welcome), I'm hopeful that with a few weeks of TLC they can be fixed. Furthermore, the worm-powered duncan has finally managed to jump start its worm and is now carelessly zooming around the tank, successfully angering all tank floor inhabitants (especially Randy Clam who can be heard muttering expletives as the WPD recklessly scoots by). I know I owe everyone a FTS, however, it's been hectic since been back, and in the meantime here's a poorly edited picture of the pink sun coral (happily adjusting to the tank) and unknown acro that has starting to really color up.
  4. Sps ID

    That's good to know. I have purchased two separate frags hoping that they will explode (like my green BN) and balance out the scape. So far they haven't done much. Both seem a bit dark (more red than pink), but I guess I just have give to 'em time. On a side note, I agree, the growth rate of birdsnest can be crazy, I feel like can see visible daily growth with my green BN. Because it so fragile and intertwined, however, I have no idea how I'm going to trim it.
  5. Sps ID

    @markalot where did you get your pink birdsnest? I have been looking for one that bright & yours is insane!
  6. Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Apocalypse Camels

    I may have to hit you up for some advice! I already have enough trouble with immobile coral, granting one mobility seems like a less than ideal idea. It's like giving a toddler a rascal... and a taser. UPDATE: As yesterday's awkward car photo alludes to, I managed to get my grimy paws on a walking dendro, and as expected I have some mostly obtuse & useless comments. First off, let's get something straight: much like Rhode Island, the walking dendro is neither a dendro nor walks. While not quite as misleading as Sea Monkeys (spoiler: they're brine shrimp), it was a bit shocking to discover that they are not, in fact, floppy orange dendros with muscularly-toned-man legs. Rather a "walking dendro" is basically a brownish-green duncan with a worm-powered car (2), which is hilarious in its own right. So far, the worm-powered duncan (WPD) is doing really well. With in minutes of being added to the tank its scraggly brown-tentacles were inflated (& creeping Blenwood out), and it accepted food immediately thereafter. It has yet to move, but I'm hoping the worm, being from Australia, is just recovering from a bender (and not dead). It would be a bummer to get a wormless worm-powered ducan (3), but I will keep everyone updated. Anyways, here is a really grainy picture of the new WPD, which I have named Jamal (4). Yup, Jamal, the worm-powered duncan. You have to admit, it as a certain "je ne sais quoi" ring to it. Also, as a bonus, and because it's Mardi Gras (and I'm not yet a "drunken train wreck wandering St. Charles Ave. at 3:30 am without shoes wearing tights and an entirely too small marching band jacket in search of a hotdog" mode), I have included a couple pictures from the Krewe of Barkus parade this weekend, in which the pup's won "The most Twin-ly" Award. I dressed as Captain Hook, NBD. FOOTNOTES: (1) Sadly they cannot do this. (2) I'm not a scientist, but apparently the evolution went as such: After years of jealously watching fish swim by, an enterprising young duncan went into its garage, and following many long sleepless nights, endless pots of coffee, countless chalkboard equations, and a nearly failed marriage, did what other corals said was impossible: solved the mobility conundrum by harnessing the impressive power of (wait for it!)...(drum roll!).... the peanut worm. Yup, the peanut worm. That's exactly why coral will not take over the world... &#*$@! peanut worms...stupid. (3) The ultimate white girl problem. (4) Sure I could have called it Steven Tyler or Johnny Cash or Charlie Reid (deep reference) but that's low hanging fruit, Jamal is just hilarious.
  7. Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Apocalypse Camels

    Literally fresh off the boat, err cargo plane.
  8. White edge mushrooms

    Nice lookin' shrooms. So knubby, so shroomy. Full disclosure: I had no idea what it could be from the beginning; I just wanted to see your new shrooms.
  9. White edge mushrooms

  10. Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Apocalypse Camels

    Here'e an almost okay pic of the longer tentacle fat head dendro looking all flossy under the blues. t.
  11. Versa 42 Plumbing

    Incredible write-up!! Awesome build!!
  12. Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Apocalypse Camels

    Thanks! Hopefully, like my dendros I can train them to stay out during banking hours (and poop in the litter box). I definitely appreciate the advice, I have been been slowly ramping up the lights, and figure I'm about 2 weeks out from getting to the AI Prime's BRSTV suggested max. And while all the acros continue to encrust in a manner not dissimilar to your average DMV experience, I have yet to get the color pop that American Express supposedly paid for. In all seriousness though, if I got to half of the Timothy Leary day-glo explosion that best describes your tanks, I would probably do something rash, like take off my pants and dance in the streets.
  13. Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Apocalypse Camels

    Looks like there’s a new sheriff in these parts. Unfortunately, the sheriff also looks like a collage of cat butts.
  14. I feel like nano reefers much like new parents should only & annoyingly express age solely in months. With that being said, happy 12 month mark! On second thought, maybe they should be more like investment bankers and only express time in terms of fiscal quarters... Either way congrats! Gold star!
  15. 150L of overthinking

    Tank is looking really awesome. I wish my neglect looked half that good.