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  1. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - No heat till Brooklyn!

    Thanks man! I really appreciate it! But unfortunately I have already called shotgun on you being the tank of the month first (see tank of the TOTM thread), and according to internationally accepted and ratified shotgun laws, my dibs takes precedence over yours (#lawyered). One day maybe, assuming it doesn’t all go off the rails and end in, what I imagine would be, a giant fireball of destruction while Iron Maiden plays loudly in the background and Blenwood laughs ominously while while holding a lit match.. which judging my aptitude to consume bourbon and tasty regional craft beers along with Blen-Daddy’s proclivity towards arson can’t entirely be ruled out. In other news, you definitely nailed the cost factor of Blenwood’s 10 gallon box of complication. If I would have known the costs could spiral this out of control when I started, I would have chosen another, cheaper, hobby (you know... like lighting money on fire for fun... or having a foreign mistress...). But at this point I’m already a Blenwood in, so go grab a lighter while I find some dollar bills... ————- Quick update & terrible picture time: The tank overall has been humming along nicely. I didn’t use a heater all summer, but fortuitously decided to put it back on with an Inkbird last weekend. Because immediately there after the temperature plummeted in NOLA and our downstairs heater decided it wouldn’t turn on. So for over a day, till we could get a service tech out to the house, the downstairs was a balmy 42 degrees. The tank temp did drop to around 73 (even with the Eheim 75 constantly on), but nothing seemed to notice. Next, after nuking half of a chalice, three square inches of cyphastrea, and numerous birdsnest branches, the pectinia took it one step too far and reached out and touched (stung) the WD. As a result of its bad decisions, it was unceremoniously relegated to the frag tank. The WD is a bit beat up, but is recovering. That little nub has a will of iron having managed to get mollywopped by the pectinia and cyphastrea both in the last 3 weeks... or, more likely, the WD is just an arrogant prick and everything wants it dead... we may never know. Anyways, bad picture time! Two much light? Blen-Fatty: Wanda the Evil PPC: The bottom of the pecking order:
  2. Cannedfish

    REEFSMART HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!!! + 10% off coupon

    I have no dog in this fight, but I have seen the PICOPRO prototype in person and the set-up is awesome. What makes this jar unique is the custom made LED light / lid combo. The LED array is built into the jar lid and is fully adjustable. Furthermore, the LED's are covered/protected with a light diffuser which honestly does a pretty good job distributing and blending the light colors (and doubling to prevent evaporation). Additionally, because it's a lid it prevents unnecessary light spillage and causes the whole jar to glow. The pictures are not a just a marketing setup, the tank has been set-up for awhile now (I saw it in early July when it wasn't intended to be sold) and the same corals in the picture were thriving (the Hawkin's and blasto colonies were awesome (also the tank was keeping a dendros successfully)). I'm not sure what the final filtration set-up is but when I saw it there was just an airline hose that was providing plenty of flow and a bag of chemipure (I think) thrown in, I don't think there was even a heater. Again, I have no connection with this product, nor was asked to say anything, but having seen it in person and being really impressed by it, I felt the need to give my thought, however, little they may be worth.
  3. Cannedfish

    Dog faced puffer nano tank🐕🐡

    I’m pretty sure that’s a fish faced pupper...
  4. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - No heat till Brooklyn!

    I don't know if I would call it "appeasing." That sounds so... enabling. I think lazy is a better descriptor, however I would also accept: degenerate, putz, and apathetic. I am 100% down to trade, assuming I don't kill everything before they are ready. You definitely have some pieces I have my eyes on! As soon as they are ready, and I can figure out this frag tank thing, they have your name on it! Though at the rate the HW is growing, we may all be dead by then... Scared. Scared is the correct answer. This is a great idea! Maybe if I get my sh#t together (unlikely... you know bourbon) I will post a weekly where's Blen-Dog photo. I like your idea of the Southern theme, so obviously the game will be called, "Shoot Earl, Done Werr Dat Dadgummit Blenwud Git Off To Now." And it will be most likely sponsored by Miller Lite and tooth decay. Let make this happen! I feel like trading coral for teenage sex trends is likely to lead to a court mandated inability to get within 1,000 feet of a school or playground... and getting on a special list. They definitely inflate and get larger, but how large is pretty relative. The largest I have seen one of mine (I have two) inflate to is about an inch and a half across. They are kinda neat little corals and have some pretty bright colors. I will include an outrageously fake looking gel filter picture of one below! ——— In other news it seems like either my pink sun coral or dendros managed to spawn in the tank, because I have begun to seen pinhead sized babies pop up around the tank (picture below), which I have to admit is pretty exciting! So with out further ado, pictures! Teeny Tiny Baby NPS (or unknown pest (more likely))!! Hungry Button Scoly (realistic colors): Ridiculous gel filter picture of the same button scoly (gel filters are why I don't trust the internet): New Frag Tank Friend!
  5. Cannedfish

    Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    When are you starting a tank journal?!!
  6. Cannedfish

    Droys' IM Fusion 10 11/13/18 Update

    Sorry to hear about your tank, it’s always been an outstanding nano! But I am happy it wasn’t a total loss. I look forward to it recovering and being better than ever!
  7. @StinkyBunny are you getting any REALLY fun shrooms in anytime soon?
  8. Cannedfish

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    New Smyrna? I hope so that is a crazy pretty town!
  9. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - No heat till Brooklyn!

    Thanks man! I can't wait for this the to get bigger, as it's one of the (non-green) acro's that looks great under both white and blue light. Plus, I don't have anything else in my tank that is anything close to as hairy! I'm blasting it with light, so hopefully it will continue to color up! Whoa! Again that isn't bubble algae, that is very expensive and very rare Erin Green Spheroid Indo Water Lettuce! And it's all the rage right now! Especially, with idiots like me who are really dicey reef keepers but really amazing algae growers! No, but really, this bubble algae finally got to me, and I broke down this weekend and got a very tiny emeral crab. I'm terrified he will nip at the fish, so he is on a very very tight lease! I agree Donald Link has some mighty tasty restaurants! But then again, as attested by my waistline, NOLA has too many tasty restaurants. It's still there.... I appreciate the advice! I have actually looked into Fenbendazole, however, I have a few reservations. First, I think it has the tenancy/ability to kill snails/stars/and worms and while I would welcome it killing all my vermeid snails, I afraid to risk all my micro brittles and snails (even taking some of the larger ones out of the tank first). Next, I have a ton of clove polyps (and GSP) and I'm afraid of the resulting nutrient spike that (I assume) would occur as it all died off. I would be conduct water changes throughout the process, but I can image a snowball effect that could have the potential to nuke the tank. Lastly, the biggest issue I had with the clove polyps, is that they overgrow zoas and can stunt the growth of small SPS frags. Since the have already killed all my zoas, and I think most of my acros are out of the woods as it comes to them inhibiting their growth, I think the clove polyps are kind of acting as a buffer between frags and keeping warfare down. Also I think they promote vertical acro growth as its easier than trying to encrust over them. I have heard that tuxedo urchins will mow them down, however, I haven't found a small enough urchin to try that yet. On another note, your tank photos have been killing it lately! ————— Image time! I saw someone do this on IG and thought it was a neat idea. So without further ado, here's a not-that-well-done top-down tank frag key, it definitely doesn't include everything but does point out most of the noteworthy frags:
  10. T minus two and a half hours till duck season... ...starting to regret the bourbon festival... ... no regrets...
  11. The tank looks stunning!! I want to call dibs on the first ARC Fireworks frag right now!
  12. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - No heat till Brooklyn!

    I'm not going to lie, the idea of a "brothel of clowns" is going to haunt the darker corners of my mind for a while. There are a lot of strange things in the world, (most of which are sexual fetishes secretly googled by men in Utah), but a circus themed pleasure house (which I imagine is patronized mainly by 40 year old's that work an unfulfilling IT jobs and live with their parents... and unattractive swingers) is up there... along with a pantsuit made of live gerbils... That, good sir, is fake news. Even though we rarely get glimpses of it, we all know what your tank looks like and how awesome it is... Nice try! That stupid song has been in my head since I read your response three days ago! Bad! —— Anyway its the weekend, which means I'm about to stuff my face with strange sausage and wash that down with hooch... and with that... crappy picture time! Cherry Bomb: Plague: Color contrasts (and one browned out WWC After Party) Z's Prize:
  13. Cannedfish

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Really sorry about Gary... But the dolphin comment was hilarious...
  14. I don’t do this often... but really solid comment!
  15. All that got $3k?! At those prices put me down for 2 master scolys and some acans!!!