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  1. Cannedfish

    Banasophia’s Biocube 16 & IM Nuvo 10

    Wow. That spider sponge is simply amazing!! It really makes me want one! Do you have any issues with algae growing on it? Is it photosynthetic? it is easy to care for? Have you seen any growth? Who were the two men on the grassy knoll? I have so many questions...
  2. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Smourbon

    ...soon... .................... Anyways here are some mediocre Friday morning pictures to (in conjunction with a cocktail) help ease you into the weekend. In other news, I cannot for the life of me take pictures of fish. It's my shame. Fish tales: Color-up! Color-up! Color-up! Whiskers the Good Boy: One day I'll take a clear fish pic...
  3. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Smourbon

    Alright, where are we? That’s right, somehow it’s already a fortnight into the 2019. Woof. Now, I understand why I don’t remember the ball dropping (it rhymes with smourbon), and I get that I lost a week or so off my life shooting ducks in the Boston Harrbah (it more-or-less also rhymes with smourbon), but besides that it’s pretty much a blank.... At this point I’m not even upset that I keep writing 2018 as the date when I’m kiting checks for suspicious items at the sketchy corner bodega... I’ve given up. At this rate, I figure I’m not going to be ready for 2019 till at least mid-March. But shoot, if the government is shut down, screw it so am I. Enough about me though, we all you why you’re here, and that’s due to a two inch overweight aqua-weenie named Blenwood. You want to know how that pudgy Vienna sausage is doing? Well, he’s great! Though, despite gentle prodding, weight loss is not one of his New Year’s resolutions. Speaking of which, his actual resolutions include the following: 1) successfully run a “Nigerian Prince bank fraud scheme” on an unsuspecting group of wealthy widows, 2) really get into the Neapolitan ice cream flavor, 3) bring back hammer pants. It’s going to be an interesting year, I have faith in the little guy! In more relevant news, the tank on the whole is doing suspiciously well. Parameters have been relatively stable, things are growing pretty well, and generalized warfare has been at a minimum. So that’s cool. I do have what appears to be the beginnings of an aptasia infestation, so I’m going to pick up a peppermint shrimp this weekend. But other than that, the tank has pretty much been hanging out in what could be best described as the “grace period after an impressionable Hollywood starlet first leaves rehab and has yet to talk to either her step-mother or ex-boyfriend.” We all know disaster is on the horizon, it just hasn’t arrived yet. The frag tank on the other hand is a decrepit algae infested cesspool for utter shame and personal failure that is a likely disease vector for Ebola. I spent a good hour and a half this past weekend (which significantly cut into my dedicated smourbon time) completely scrubbing it of GHA/STD’s only for the plague to return no less than four days later. But as my mother used to say, what elbow grease can’t solve, a credit card can. So with those words of wisdom in mind, I have procured an IM refugium light, ordered an @inTank fuge basket, and have chaeto arriving from algae barn. I’m going to fight fire with fire... err algae with algae. And if that doesn’t work im going to literally fight algae with fire. The last statement isn’t a metaphor, I’m literally going to set the tank on fire. Welp that enough crappy updates, reading for nerds! Let’s get on to the crappy photos!! Walking Dendro: Sitting Dendro: Old School Contrast: Reclamation project:
  4. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Smourbon

    Thank you! I really appreciate that!
  5. Cannedfish

    Drs. F&S site shutdown

    Do you have a coupon code?
  6. Cannedfish

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    Hahaha! Touché salesman!
  7. Cannedfish

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    There are some interesting blurry spots in strategic places that seem to indicate... gasp... photoshop.
  8. Cannedfish

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    Harry I need you to be more careless and accidentally break off a piece of that yellow efflo already... 😂
  9. Cannedfish


    Thank you! ...or a few carefully curated beers... Thanks old man! We still need more photos of your tanks! Really appreciate that! ...sex panther... works 60% of the time every time... Thanks! Now I just have to try not to immediately nuke it! Really appreciate that! That means a lot! Thank you! Thanks guys! Y'all were a big part of it! I think almost everything came from y'all! Thanks! I'm certainly not pro with the camera yet, but looking back to last year... yikes! Thank you! That means a lot! Teeny's coaching tree is extensive! Thanks man! Love following your tank! Thank you! Really appreciate that! But your tank still reigns as one of the best out there... anywhere. Thanks Dave! I need to steal some photo tips from you! Now that LA duck season is over we really need to plan a fishing trip! I'm humbled to be a member of the club! A lot of amazing tanks, especially yours! Thanks yo! You obviously have never heard this, but I love your tank! Bring back the Creep! Thanks man! Love your tank! So jealous of your eel! Really appreciate that Lawn! Haha, Lorp knows who the star of the show is. Blenwood has a fragile ego, and is a media whore... He won't let Lorp get too big, or there might be an accident... Oh, and there is no way I can handle this fame! I've been watching a bunch of VH1 documentaries about child stars for inspiration... Thank you! Love your tank man! Simply stunning! Really appreciate that! Thank you! Absolutely! Just PM me your email address and I will send it over! Thanks Teeny! Now the pressures on to keep up the half-assed quality of the disaster-prone, hackneyed humored, and bad photo thread! Gracias! Thanks man! I use Aquaforest reef salt, which I honestly really like. I have in the past used Salinity (didn't like the precipitation), RSCP (alk too high), and a few others. I dilute the 2-part 50/50 with distilled water, to make dosing small amounts easier. Good luck with the SPS! Don't hesitate to hit me up if you have any questions! Thanks Clown! That means a lot! Thank you! Really appreciate that!
  10. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Smourbon

    I'm probably beating a dead horse (which seems morbid, but I digress...), but thank you to everyone for the kind words, messages, and support. This is going to sound cheesy, but I honestly don't think my tank would have ever gotten even to half of where it is (good or bad), without this forum and the community it fosters. I apologize for not getting on the gratitude train earlier, but fortunately (or unfortunately if you happen to be my liver, brain, or body in general), the morning after the TOTM announcement, I boarded a plane, left the deep south, and headed out to meet up with a bunch of college degenerates for the annual duck hunt that we have questionably named the "Man Hunt." And was pretty much out of touch for the next six days of sleep deprived debauchery and three more days or recovery. Although, I am not technically a doctor, this year was more brutal than most, and I am pretty sure I took a solid two years off my life expectancy. So anyone out there who took the "under" on me making it to the US male life expectancy average... you bet is looking safe. That being said, despite sitting out in the ocean off the coast of Boston in the middle of the winter in 25 mph winds being pelted with freezing rain... the duck hunting was surprisingly good! Again thank you to everyone! Thanks man! I'm not sure if I am as worthy as some of the others but I am certainly honored. Thank you, I means a lot! Really appreciate that thank you! Hahah! To run this back to Shaolin and dutifully quote the Wu Tang Clan "[the Blenwood army ain't nothin' to #$^& with." Sure it might be mostly comprised of shysty chickens and overweight fish but they are scrappy. You are 100% correct. The chickens definitely don't get vacation, and actually that is why you haven't heard from them. Mainly, because after getting a slight taste of fame, they let it go to their head. Then decided that they were unhappy with their working conditions, went on strike, and then after a prolonged battle decided to unionize. You would think it would have all ended there, but they also decided to hire an employment attorney and we are currently locked in a headed legal battle. They are demanding more dried worms, I want them to stop pooping in the kitchen. It seems both sides are dug in. Chickens may be stupid, but they are also stupidly good at paperwork! Regarding bourbon. I didn't mention it too much in my write-up, but I would honestly say that it accounts for 95% of my success and 82% of my disasters. Much like cheap Mexican food, drinking wine on international flights, and water parks, bourbon is definitely a wicked temptress. That being said, you should drink more... you know for your tank. We really need to start a beer club thread, because those last three you send were absolute fire. I have been out of town recently, but you will have a fun pack coming your way shortly. And lastly, thank again, I appreciate the love! Thanks Teeny, it really means a lot! I don't need to reiterate the fact your tank has been a huge inspiration, but apparently that last clause did just that. Again, I agree with you that they most of the credit is due to the chickens, because what people don't realize, and what I have never told anyone is that my secret sauce isn't excessive water changes or an extreme dosing schedule or sheer drunken luck but rather it's because I carbon dose with chicken poop. Yep that it! The secret is out! Thanks Mark! I still have many many many levels to climb before I can even sniff the atmosphere that your tanks reside in! And I can't stress enough all the valuable insight reading your threads have provided! Oh, and don't worry there will be plenty more cocks! Thank you so much! Really appreciate that! Thanks Clown!! I still feel like the tank and especially my photo skills have a long way to go, but hopefully the macro lens and finally moving up to the big boy DSLR will help things along. Again, thank you for the love!! ..... And now without further ado! Bad photos!! Cali Tort has been exploding the last month! El Generalissimo of the B-Wood Army! Button Scoly doing a hangry: The Upscales Microlados has branches sprouting everywhere! You are going to be seeing a lot of NPS because as the tank grows in they are about only thing that is easy to take pictures of... See statement above: Scoter Grand Slam (surf, common, white-wing)!
  11. Cannedfish


    Thank you! I still can’t believe the tank managed to make it this far (*runs to find wood to knock on*)!!
  12. Thank you! I’m still a bit shocked!
  13. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Smourbon

    Thank you @Christopher Marks for selecting my tank! Despite my best efforts and the less than ideal combination of general incompetence and bourbon Blenwood and the gang somehow persevered! We are truly honored (and still surprised) to be part of a select group of some truly amazing tanks!
  14. Cannedfish

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    @HarryPotter those cutting boards look alright, unfortunately I have a better looking one sitting on my kitchen counter right now! 😉
  15. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Smourbon

    Yep, sounds about right. Looks like I need two more lights....