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  1. KG's Fusion 10

    Like a fish out of water, I'm a Gator in Louisiana (weird analogy, I know)... Either way your tank (& other photos) is incredible.
  2. Kijho's IM Fusion 20

    The house is amazing!! Also all your tank photos are so clear it makes me want to cry.
  3. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Damnit folks, stop naming hot-ass corals after childhood heros! I feel dirty saying that your Big Bird is sexy as all get out.
  4. Justin's Mixed 17G

    So far this build looks awesome, and the drawer feature is really clever! Can't wait to see where this goes!
  5. What type of mushroom is this?

    Not Maitake, but it is quite nice.
  6. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Monthly FTS Update

    He she is as of 12/12/17: The Busch Light Monthly Tank Change Highlight Reel, ("Where mediocrity is celebrated!"): 1) The live rock (much like my adolescence) went through an initially disastrous but ultimately successful reshaping. Specifically, about two inches were removed from its girth to give the out-of-control birds nest more room; 2) B-Straight-Cash-Money & Co. welcomed home "Pee-Pee" the Blue Striped Pipefish (who everyone agrees, has a dumb name); 3) Someone learned the dangers of online coral shopping; 4) because of the previous bullet point, there is no room on either the live rock or Blenwood's Amex (don't fret, there is still space on the back glass and Blenwood has a Diner Club International Card with a less than ideal APR); 4) due to unforeseen circumstances, some idiot needs a new shotgun; 5) this year's holiday cards turned out... interesting (two words: Maarrrrg-y Christmas). Disclaimer: as usual I apologize for the shoddy FTS, although unlikely, maybe one day I will figure out how to take a decent tank photograph.
  7. Samnaz's 20L (upgrading to IM Nuvo Black 30L)

    This is pretty awesome, and for someone in your tank, probably pretty tasty. As the old adage goes, "when life brings you shrimp, make scampi!"
  8. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Monthly FTS Update

    First off, thank you! Any encouragement to continue spewing out bad jokes and crappy prose is always welcome. The resulting material might be awful but the appreciation is genuine. Second, please reframe from inflating B-Money's giant ego. Much like his belly his ego cup is already overfloweth. In his own mind he is basically Tom Cruise at a Scientology convention: a few lines of alien scripture away from a (or the) deity. Thanks!! I have some good and bad news about the pipefish. Unfortunely, and quite tragically, the Lady of the Manor has named her Pïpë (pronouns pee-pee). The battle over this name was epic: great armies were mustered, cunning tactics deployed, and lives valentely sacrificed, all of which surely will be remembered in infamy through the songs and odes of our talented bards. In the end, however, my army lost and the pipefish is named after the defecation act of a toddler. Tragic. Overall, however, she is doing swimmingly (pun fully intended). Over the last week, or so, she has become quite adventurous, and can regularly be seen zooming throughout the tank sucking up pods. Because I'm paranoid that she'll will run out of pods, the tank is going though an Algae Barn pouch of pods a week (complete overkill). But we love Pïpë (stupid name). And just because here is a picture of the Disco Buscuit. I dare anyone to find me a bounce mushroom that looks more bouncy that this crazy fungia!
  9. WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty

    No filtration, skimming, or dosing and your tank looks this good on only weekly water changes? What are you, some sort of wizard? Should we be concerned? Are broomsticks going to start multiplying?
  10. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Monthly FTS Update

    Thank you, and I appreciate the the shout out on your tank thread! I completely agree, Ebay coral sales are dangerous. At bare minimum, I feel like they should be accompanied by some sort of FDA, DEA, FCC, or some sort of other alphabet-soup-government-agency warning about their inherent dangers. At least when I'm chain smoking unfiltered P-Funks while simultaneously ripping slugs of plastic-bottle-brand tequila there are warning labels suggesting that I may not be making the best decisions (those labels are clearly wrong, but it's the thought that counts). Additionally, I'm pretty sure I've seen a PSA about the possible dangers of smoking meth AND its effect on general dental hygiene (those are not wrong). But when it comes to Ebay and corals... a big nothing burger, and that's the problem. One minute you're innocently bidding on an acro with a dumb name (like Kountry Andy's Atomic Wedgy or Deputy Randy's Cheeseburger Delight) the next minute you're living under an overpass stealing copper from air conditioners to fuel your addiction. It's no laughing matter; something needs to be done! But seriously, your tanks are amazing; I would be ecstatic if I manage to get to the point where mine looks half as good either of yours.
  11. Bayer for coral dipping

    It's what I use and I don't have any pests that I know of. My only gripe is that it isn't clear, so its hard to see all of the things that come off of the frags, which may help you evaluate the quality of the coral dealer.
  12. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - November FTS

    If the gold standard in reef keeping is having photos of your tanks constantly popping up, unaccredited, on Instagram aggregator accounts, then you are basically pre-car crash Tiger Woods right now. Great job!
  13. 150L of overthinking

    My mantra has always been, "Help make me, help make you, make a bad decision." And from where I am sitting, it looks like I'm starting to succeed. That being said, I definitely think you need that 200G, hell why stop at 200, go straight to 3 bills ("Come on, all the cool kids are doing it..."). My love of consumerism has placed my tank into a similar spacial situation. And while I may have maxed out the LR real estate, but I haven't yet maxed out the Amex. Obviously, the back wall vertical space was the next frontier. So far I have slapped super glue on and stuck the following to the back glass: an unnamed acro, bizzaro cyphastrea, red setosa montipora, superman montipora, GSP, and some sort of psammo. The the GSP and cyphastrea are spreading like the plague (the GSP has mainly grown up, the cyphastrea is attempting to conquer all), while the setosa, acro and psammo are encrusting albeit at a much less disturbing pace. I have been so impressed with the cyphastrea's growth that a WWC peppermint cyphastrea is scheduled to arrive today and is also going on the back wall. Vertically on the LR, I have varying success with a blowpop cyphastrea, acan echinatas, a random favia, and a stubborn rainbow monti. If the space is super shaded, think about a dendro (however its not encrusting). Personally, I can keep a chalice happy for the life of me (or in reality, for the life of it (I'm not the one dying)). In fact, at the moment I would have to say that chalice coral, bourbon, and the left post at the foot of my bed are my (and especially my toe's) kryptonite. Good luck, I'll keep my eyes peeled for that tank upgrade.
  14. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Monthly FTS Update

    A long long story involving a mottled duck, a Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and three years chasing the white whale. With an extended choke its surprising how little it takes. Not to mention the help of thick fog, darkness, and the general Louisiana swamp; oh wading through waist deep mud doesn't help.
  15. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Monthly FTS Update

    After last week's utter tank disaster this week is looking up. Saturday was marketed by 1) ruining my shotgun after blowing off the end of the barrel (long story), and 2) a frag rearrangement & sump scrub. Beside the Berretta sized whole in my checkbook things have gone swimmingly (pun intended). The tank bottom is no long a frag orphanage and after pulling a disgusting amount of ditritus out of the sump everyone seems happy (besides Blen-Daddy who is still not talking to me (though he is back to fighting form)). Tomorrow more frags arrive from @World Wide Corals (write up coming), however, in the mean time here is a random photo of the side of the tank which I have never really shown in entirety and a picture of the bizarro cyphestrea encrusting on the back wall. Since the LR is now essentially covered, like the moon and port-a-johns at Mardi Gras, the back wall is the next frontier.