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  1. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler -Some more bad photos

    Thanks!! It is super neon, I even tried to toned down the green in the picture (you can see the 'blooming' in the photo). I bought it as a booger while walking out of MACNA because this thing was like an effing beacon in the frag tank (can't remember which dealer). Furthermore, and slightly embarrassing, I was such a noob and it was so small for the first 2 months I thought it was psammo or something else. Nope its a monti and its trying to take over my tank. I guess you will just have to wait till A Tale of Two Chickens, chapter 3 to see what happens... And I see what you're doing with that jinxing thing... No just kidding, I really appreciate the support! Don't worry though, we leave for South America in couple weeks, and all hell is going to break lose... After the shenanigans the chickens pulled this weekend, I may have to reconsider my "no sacrificial rituals in the house rule." Speaking of the occult, there is a voodoo shop only a few blocks from our house... I may need to visit this weekend, in order to tilt the grow-out contest scales... They're even better than sun coral, they're dendros! Which may be my, straight-up, favorite coral. Last count there were somewhere between 30 and 40 babies scattered throughout the skeleton. Some are REALLY small and I don't expect them all to make it. But I would be super excited if I manged to grow out between 10-20 of them. I don't really chop things up, but if it turned into a 20+ head dendro, it's time to bring out the diamond blade and make like Oprah... "You get a dendro!" You get a dendro!" ____ Anyways, as always here are some crappy photos!
  2. Yeah, all SPS in my tank (save for one or two frags) is exhibiting clear weekly growth, whether it’s encrusting or throwing out new branches. Some (WWC AP / Gila Monster / red dragon) are at this point almost showing visible daily growth. But honestly, I’m not sure why. Things have been slightly more stable, but not crazy stable. I haven’t been using a glass lid, and because of the summer temps in LA my tank is running 2-3 degrees higher than normal (80-84). Plus the last two months I have been running alk higher (8.0 - 8.5); it be any one of these things or all or something else, I don’t know.
  3. Cannedfish

    🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    Ahh, now I understand your screen name...
  4. Cannedfish


    Watch out that TSB looks to be up to no good! NO GOOD! I’ve never said this anywhere on the forum, but TSB’s are the best!
  5. Welp, you know what time it is! That’s right: post meat coma, early in the morning, where’s the Advil, get me some coffee and fatty French pastries, let’s do this time! Nobody cares, but to use the parlance of today teens, New Orleans is HOT AF right now! We’re looking at upper 90’s with 80% humidity. Because we live a 140 year old house and everyone throughout the house’s entire history thought that large windows, no insulation, and one AC vent in the master bedroom was a great combo (it was even renovated/lived in by an LSU architecture professor, WTF), I had to sleep on the couch last night, because at about 3:30 this morning I gave in and couldn’t handle the 85 degree bedroom anymore. Normally, this is not an issue, the downstairs is delightfully cool and our couch has down cushions, but today the damn house chicken decided that 5:30 was great clucking time to start her Saturday and TacoCat decided the best place to sleep was my chest. So we may have to make that aforementioned coffee a double. You know what they say, nothing pairs better with a generous amount of red wine like a sh$tty night sleep. OH, IT’S ALSO SHIT TALK SATURDAY!! So here’s where we’re at. In my little box of chaos, the week was pretty uneventful despite an initial fear that a alk spike was going to melt some acros. To bad suckers, it didn’t, I’m still in the game. @micoastreefing has fired up the Death Star so things are about to get interesting not only for the planet Alderaan but also for the contest. Knowing that he’s probably going to surge ahead of everyone shortly, I took one for the team, and tried desperately hard to jinx him earlier this week, to no avail. It looks like it’s time to stop pulling the punches and visit Sally Ann Glassman. You heard me right, New Orleans’ premier Kennebunkport born Jewish Voodoo priestess and holistic medicine expert. After last night, I’m ready to sacrifice at least one chicken. Meanwhile, @TheBig053 after deciding acros were too easy, moved on, and switched gears to growing-out small humans. Who knows what @This guy is extra salty is doing, but it’s not growing a certain frag. And @teenyreef after deciding it’s boring winning TOTM every month, has decided to take his considerable skills to print media (congrats teeny!). Also, I have at least one Crisp Abe Lincoln saying that he’s sandbagging. Oh, and last but not least, @spectra, despite not even being in the contest, has found a way to troll us all hard, and show everyone what growing out a frag actually means. I’m not unconvinced that he’s actually the true winner of this contest. Phew, that was a long one. With that being said I think I have finally sweated out last night, and can get off this excerise bike. I’ve got trouble to cause. Per protocol, here’s my crappy weekly pic. Happy Sh$t Talk Saturday, b$tches!!
  6. I didn’t think it would come to this, and I know @spectra too old for this, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so to quote Wu Tang Clan “the sound of horns says it on...” Which in most instances would be correct, but unfortunately, 1) I really can’t talk sh$t to @spectra, because... a) I think he’s old, and b) look at his tank, and 2) I’ve imbibed too much at an Argentinian steak house (La Boca) and I’m current on the brink of bursting from the lethal combo of heavy red wine and too much steak. (also I may or may not have enjoyed a few rum (or rhum) and cokes towards the tail end of the work week...) But for all you hooligans thinking people around these parts have lost the “mojo” or to quote David Bowie “the power of the voodoo, hoodoo, you, do.” Think again, per protocol were bringing Sh$t Talk Friday to Saturday! And if your lucky and if I still have the company credit card, we’re making tee shirts! So until that time here’s our cat angrily dressed as a taco.
  7. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler -Some more bad photos

    It’s a mediocre story at best, so I’ve got to build the suspense and keep y’all on the edge of your respective seats (or bean bags, I don’t know your seating situation) somehow. Think of this story as the spinning top at the end of Inception, and me as a considerably less attractive & slightly over-weight Leonard DiCaprio. I agree, why is that dude wearing a cast?! —— Alright, it Friday! Time to core some pineapples and pour some rum!! Boat drinks for everyone!! Just make sure to use paper straws; we got to save the sea turtles! Anyways before fist bumping the Captain, becoming a cheeseburger in paradise, and sailing away on a metaphorical boat in my flippy-floppies here are some expectedly shoddy photos!! Ahoy!!
  8. Cannedfish

    World’s Most Beautiful Saltwater Fish!

    I'm not going to lie, Blenwood was pissed to find this video did not feature him. Now I off to the grocery to buy ice cream, chocolate, and the Gossip Girl DVD box set. Thanks, I'm in for a long afternoon of consoling.... Great video, man!
  9. Thanks for posting the article! Congrats man! Awesome read and, as always, great and inspiring tank!
  10. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler -Some more bad photos

    The tank is somehow still alive and it's been a pretty slow week on NR so I guess I will finally address the elephant in the room. It's kinda a long story so it might take a few chapters. So without further ado: A TALE OF TWO CHICKENS, ch. 1: It all started 2L year of grad school. We lived in a house that could only be described as a slightly more organized (and cleaner) Animal House... in New Orleans. We had a nationally known house band, had commemorative posters commissioned for our parties, were put on double secret probation, and ultimately forced to have a hearing with the dean because of our antics. Unlike Delta Tau Chi, however, we were really good at paper work, weren't shut down, and somehow / miraculously all graduated. Anyways, shortly after a particularly grueling first semester finals we were all sitting around enjoying a few sodas, and somebody brought up an article in the NYTimes about hipster urban farmers in Brooklyn. (side note: although we did enjoy craft cocktails and one of us had a beard, we were definitively not hipsters; we liked craft cocktails because, alcohol, and the beard resulted from laziness.) This was slightly before the whole urban farming thing really took off, and we all thought the idea of having chickens was both ridiculous and, to be honest, stupid. Just stupid enough to be right in our wheelhouse, as the closest thing to poultry husbandry any of us had was KFC. As I mentioned, we had been enjoying a healthy amount of cold ones, and one thing lead to another and before we knew it we were surprised to learn just how easy it was to purchase livestock over the internet. Also this wasn't the only stupid idea to be generated in this matter, others included: renting our attic to a burlesque dance troupe, getting a hold of a 35 ft RV in order to go to swim with manatees, attempting to build a large fish tank into a bookshelf (it failed in spectacular form), etc, etc. So a few weeks later... we get a call from a very confused lady at the post office, who politely ask in a very yatty accent, "yo, is dis yo box of peepers? Well honey, it's here, and it's peepin'!" After driving to the post office and explaining to her that we weren't in fact planning on feeding them to a snake, we came home with 25 baby chicks. Unfortunately, this tale as a few more twists and turns including but not limited to: taxidermy, possum murder, hurricanes, and New Jersey. I will have to finish up in another chapter. In the meantime here are some pictures. Little Chick (named by the neighbors kids): The one and only Fluff Nugget: Commissioned commemorative poster from one of the house parties:
  11. Cannedfish

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Good god your photos are good.
  12. I definitely wouldn't want to jinx anyone... So, that being said it's probably going to be @micoastreefing.
  13. Cannedfish

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    You pictures are amazing! Hell, you tank is too. I need to get a macro lens!
  14. Cannedfish

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler -Some more bad photos

    Alarming update: Yesterday, I recalibrated the dosing pumps (alk was being used faster than calc) and diluted the 2-part in order to be able to dose smaller concentrations more often. Yesterday alk was at 8.0, checked this morning alk was sitting at 10.3. Turned off the dosing up and will implement small water changes the next couple days to reduce alk slowly. Buckle up the tank could be in for a wild ride the next couple days. Things aren’t looking stressed yet so I’m cautiously optimist the tank isn’t immediately going to crash.
  15. Cannedfish

    🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    I honestly never thought I would actually be in a situation to have to say this, but “Holy hell, that was a lot of Matt Lauer.”