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Kimber's Small-ish Pieced Together Tank

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Taken down. 


And this time it wasn't my lack of care for a third tank as the reason. 


Despite multiple attempts to get Nick to clean up his papers from the counter, they just kept spreading. I'm not sure why he needs every utility bill for the house since we moved in a year ago on the kitchen table, but there's a stack 3 inches high.


I had cleaned everything off the counter mid-January (I had actually gotten saltwater in the tank) but he kept putting more papers next to it. I even had a little starfish bro that I would watch while doing the dishes. 


But the clutter made maintenance a pain, not wanting to splash water all over everything, so I've given up. 

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Aww that’s too bad! Sounds like a less than ideal setting though. 


Hang onto that tank though, you never know when a future pico contest might need one... 😉

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Taken down... but not put away...


Just waiting on a contest, I suppose... 😉


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Following along, can't wait to see how this turns out 😃

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