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HI, present me and my little "big" project


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Many Thanks by the comments.


Here abandonment the photo of as was the aquarium the aquarium a week ago.. now has changed a little I expect that to better.



I clarify that this aquarium already was mounted inside a 300 liters all was mature and did not suffer problems of ripening. therefore I introduced the sps.






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wow... good photography... what kinda camera? (you might have already said but im in a hurry... [dinner]) you should sell things on ebay... i mean with that photography....


ps im setting one of thoughs to my backround lol

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Nice pictures, I feel as if I could reach right in there & frag every last one of them. A quick study of the main display, rocks up the side & some at the rear centre I like that . Very good good good.Might attack my tank now.

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Wow. Incredible food for thought. Fantastic tank! I would love to see how it grows in. I'd wager it won't be that long until the eggcrate is covered by zoanthids.

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Many thanks by the comments, the camera is:


KOdak DX6490


Itself not if it already I have said it, but had an aquarium of 75 g. and I had it to dismantle, and mount this nano, water I mature, rock I mature, sand I mature... so alone was to transfer.


I will continue reporting

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