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Coral beauty or potters angel? Or something else?


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Looking to round out my fish family in my 32 biocube and the coral beauty or potters was suggested by my lfs. I’m definitely interested in either, but from everything I’ve read they need from 30 to 70 gallons minimum. Anyone have experience with either of these in s 30ish gallon? Want something that will be out and swim around. 

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A Little Blue

I saw ppl with these guys in 30g tanks. Flame Angel is even smaller (3"). As with most Angeles, there is a chance that they will develop a curious behavior of nipping on corals. 

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Haha sounds like your lfs is whacked. 30 gallons is pretty small for a angel. They love to swim so maybe a dwarf angel would be ok in a longer tank. When I put a flame angel in my cube the little dude made me dizzy watching him do laps in there lol.. oh and if you are newer reefer the potters angel is supposed to be more of an advanced hobbiest fish. I dunno why I think maybe they are picky eaters ..not that i am tring to be like the tang police so do what ya want Haha but there are a lot of great fish that would probably suit your tank better!!

Happy reefing!!!😎

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Atlantic pygmy and african flamebacks are the smallest of the centropyge angels and are the only two species I would feel comfortable putting in a tank < 50g. As @Weikel said, Potters are notoriously difficult even in larger tanks (which is sad, because they are truly beautiful fish).  

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