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  1. Weikel

    Is it true??

    True.... lost some hammers to them. And I know people who have lost acans.. I guess they love those
  2. Weikel

    Is this an anemone?

    Oh and to your follow up question. Get some apstaiaX from red sea and kill the bastard quickly..
  3. Weikel

    Is this an anemone?

    Ass! The first time I had one I was stoked I thought it was some awesome hitchhiker... then it took over .. luckily I got a peppermint shrimp that destroyed them all, unlucky was after they were gone the little bastard chomped a bunch of coral...
  4. Weikel

    Which reef test kits do you use?

    Red sea pro kit if you have the cash.. salifert makes a great kit for the money though
  5. Weikel

    Need to know if I'm f#*cking up or not

    I was going to say the same thing about the buffer.. I did that once with seachem marine buffer. Looked like good stuff and it even said wouldn't raise the ph more that 8.3 or some shit like that.. it does however mess with your alkalinity a bunch.. so anyways against the advice of people on this forum I used it to bring my ph up and I pretty much crashed my tank.. long story short I don't test ph anymore and monitor calcium and mag , but pay extreme attention to alklinty and my coral has been great since.. Oh and fyi snails are lazy most of the time mine are on the very top of the tank
  6. Ok thanks.. weird my last name is not very common lol what's the odds u have another customer with the same name...
  7. Weikel


    I didn’t believe this when I started but it is true... also in one tank I threw in some turbo snails.. man they love that stuff . Looked like they were erasing the algae as they moved over my rocks... it was actually cool to watch
  8. Still havent seen those arrays that I was supposed to see monday??? Can i get a tracking number. I am starting to get frustrated because this has been ongoing since April now. I understand sometimes getting material can be out of your hands , but the lack updates(with put me having to reach out multiple times ) i cant understand. Please let me know the status of my warranty...
  9. Lasunga is really good even if frozen.. homemade chicken soup stays good in the fridge for awhile and is easy to stomach if the meds are messing with you and one of those French rolls from the bakery too..
  10. Weikel

    Lighted Refugium Photoperiod

    I see a lot of people run them when their main lights are off on a "reverse" light schedule. Personally I leave mine on 24/7...
  11. Weikel

    Neon orange bubble alage

    So the little star got all the bubbles to turn Orange.. wonder if the algae will die off now...
  12. Weikel

    Jebao DP-4 Auto Dosing Pump

    I just got one up and running . I did a lot of research and from everything I read most people found them reliable. One thing that people bitched about was it was hard to set up and the instructions were bad. Honestly took me about 30 seconds to program the pumps. I can't speak to reliability bc it's onky been running for 3 day 😉
  13. Weikel


    Your good let it so it's thing. Once you have only nitrates and ammonia and nitrite is gone add some livestock.. Happy reefing 😁
  14. I thought you were a young college guy? Shouldn't you be out chasing women and whoring around instead of at home playing with your "tool".. 😉
  15. Weikel

    Tempature controller??

    Huh that's odd.. I would have thought the relay in the controller would be more stout than the switch in the heater....