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  1. Help with coral ID

    Cool thanks I was thinking it might be from pics online was wasn't sure..
  2. Help with coral ID

    Sorry for the washed out picture I still have no clue how to photograph my tank.. it's actually pretty neon Orange and green
  3. Help with coral ID

    Was wondering if anyone knew what this little frag was. I bought it from this little lfs that sells mostly freshwater and they didn't know what it was.. an impulse buy which usually is a bad idea haha but cost me 20 bucks so no big deal.. ideas thinking it was a type of brain coral.. any ideas ? And suggestions on placement in tank...
  4. Advice, and hello from England!

    If you have to silicone the whole back baffle in I would just add a sump.. I wish I had a sump adds water volume and gives tons of options for filtration..
  5. Advice, and hello from England!

    Get a small peice of some material like acrylic and silicone it over the hole.. drill a new hole what ever size you need.. use a bulk head fitting to go through the new hole...
  6. DIY AIO tank. Please advise!

    In the right side chamber is that a protein skimmer you are adding or is it just a surface skimmer.. I would not plan on having a protein skimmer above my floss and media. You will change your floss out 2 times a week and rinse your media probably once a week. Dialing in the height of a nano skimmer is a pain you will not want to do it every time you want to change your floss... IMO making maintenance easier is the key to longevity in this hobby.. happy reefing .. looks like your going to have a nice build can’t wait to check it out when your done..
  7. As you can tell I'm bored tonight.. does anyone want to post their favorite movies on Netflix for kids 5ish years old.. I feel like I've reached the bottom of Netflix and am failing on movie picks hahaha
  8. Retards... hmmmm intelligent..... hahaha all in fun... I love me some some me some hard working folks who will do the work I’m not willing to do for less money.. πŸ‘πŸ» All is good .. cheers... raise those glasses tonight for all us hard working Americans who make this country go round, and bow those heads in prayer for the communities suffering for their losses ... we have seen some tragic stuff in our school systems recently.....God bless you perfect asses..😊
  9. Man oh man is this place over ran with people who glue pipes together for a living or what..... and to think I thought this was where the cool kids hung out πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  10. Ha ya they crack me up.. ok last one my favorite by far.. we don't do much electrical anymore so this one fits my crew better.. 😎😎
  11. Now you sound like the guys that work for me.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. welder or a Fitter?? Or what ever the crap you guys call yourselves now a days πŸ€”πŸ€”
  12. Ok so I have been enjoying creeping on this lounge. Cracks me up.. I've seen you post a few things about cutting this stainless tubing.. and like righttirefire says you can easily cut stainless tubing with the tubing cutters he recommended to the exact length you want no problem at all.. I own a electrical company and specialize in instrumentation. We have ran miles of ss tubing and use thise same tubing cutters.. just make sure the cutters you buy open large enough and your good.. here is a picture of part of a job we did. You can do dozens of these before you need to change a blade out too..
  13. FS : 2x MP10Wes

    Pm sent
  14. Diatom Issue in Established Tank

    Maybe lack of flow . I know you have enough gpm for your tank but do you have any flow towards the problem area?. I'm no expert and deal with algae too but the only way I got my sand clean was to add another wave maker (i also have one placed just like you have).. I have one the aims down and against the wall .takes some time to adjust it right where you have enough flow but not so much it blows sand every where. After I added that most of the alage on the sand went away. Also i run cheato, rox carbon, and phosguard.. Anyways don't give up.. worse case hit the reset button and rip clean it. Within a couple hours your tank will look like new!!! Good luck