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  1. I mean come on now it's only weird if you enjoyed it πŸ˜‹.. on a serious note if you feel uncomfortable call him out and ask what he is actually checking for .. If i remember right you are in the medical field so maybe you will learn something that will help you out in your profession too πŸ˜€
  2. Weikel

    Pal's 30l reboot

    Man that sucks I loved your old setup it was one of my favorites. Obviously you have skills so I am excited to see what new stuff is to come!! Out of curiosity what do you think was the contributing factors to the breakout?? Was it just life getting in the way and slacking on maintenance or something else? Hoping to learn something here haha
  3. No shit! And this coming from a man who has house chickens.. scary weird.....πŸ˜‰
  4. Weikel

    KMitch's Red Sea Reefer 250 Journal

    Oh I see . I was wondering what anyone would use the Apex breakout box for!! I didn't see any reason for having discreet i/o.. makes sense now bc I am like you I would much rather quickly hit a button to stop for feeding etc. than have to use the app ..
  5. What band are you trying to connect too? If I remember you have to connect to the 2.4ghz one not the 5
  6. That's just nuts! I was wondering does dave just retro the ati fixture? And out of curiosity is there like a splash guard that covers the lamps???
  7. Weikel

    KMitch's Red Sea Reefer 250 Journal

    Doing a similar build!! Loving the set up. I am trying to figure a way out to build a shelf system and some wire management stuff too.. I will be following alone now😎.. I like your switches but have you looked into the American dj power strip? It's cheap and has build in switches.. just an idea cant wait for this thing to get wet!
  8. Weikel

    Changing salt brands

    Not much differance in alk.. you will be fine.. if you want your alk higher than 6 consider dosing . It got to a point on my little cube where it was cheaper to dose than do huge water changes , plus dosing keeps my tank more stable. Now I am not dropping alk all week only to slam it back up with a big w.c.
  9. Yea sucks but thinking I will be ok.. 175 for adding a new circuit isn't bad either. I bet you will really appreciate the extra juice down the road..
  10. Leak testing done!!! Starting to get excited...πŸ˜ƒ.. man putting this this together was a chore. Pretty disappointed in red sea instructions. Not one part was labeled on any of the stand pieces or plumbing. The plumbing was super easy to put together at least. And getting this thing to run silent took a minute to do as well... well any how there is no leaks so time to make my perminate aquascape!!
  11. So on a bright note I got my stand built. Was a pain in the butt but only took a little over an hour. So I put the stand in place to see how it looked and I remembered I have been meaning to see what all I had on the electrical circuit I plan on using. The tank is going in a little nook just off the kitchen so I was hoping it wasn’t on the same circuit with any devices that used a lot of power like the dishwasher or fridge. I was pretty confident that it wouldn’t be bc it’s a code that kitchen outlets must be on their own 20 circuit. So I started flipping breakers and quickly found out that the outlet I wanted to use was not on the same one as my kitchen . Now I started checking other lights and outlets to see what would be sharing power with my tank. As I found only A couple lights I was incourged that I would be ok until... yep my main living room had one outlet on the same circuit as my tank and of course it is where I have my tv and stereo plugged in at. Good news is new led tvs don’t use much power but my amp for my stereo well shit that pulls a ton. I turned on all my lights , tv , and cranked the stereo and put an amp meter on the circuit to find out I was already pulling 9 amps before I even have the tank on the 15amp breaker. What to do what to do.... now for a little lesson in ohms law. I needed to figure out how many amps my tank would pull . So our equipment expresses power usage in watts and we want to find out amperage. Using a formula from ohms law where amps=watts/voltage , we can find amperage. First things first I added up all of my equipments watts (at full power of pumps and lights). heater 1- 150watts heater 2- 75 return pump-32 mp10- 18 mp40- 38 kessil 1- 90 kessil 2- 90 fuge light-12 skimmer- 18 total watts- 523 measured the voltage at my house bc 110 vs 125 makes a small difference . I have 120vac in my home.. so. 523watts / 120volts= 4.4 amps 4.4 amps plus the full load of 9 amps puts me barely under the 15 amp breaker rating , NOT IDEAL.... sadly without cutting my ceiling I can’t run another separate circuit to my tank. While not ideal to run the circuit at full load I think I will be ok bc odds are I will not have that damn stereo cranked with all the lights and fan on plus all my equipment at full power. (Note with the stereo off that 9 amps drops to 3 amps) one other thing is the wire going the the outlet for the tank is 14awg with 90c insulation which is technically good for 25 amps so while most inspectors would not let you put a 20 amp breaker on number 14 wire I just might do it lmao... so whats the point of this this long boring rant? Check your electrical capacity before setting up your tank , bc if you don’t you might be spending more money on adding a circuit or moving the tank!
  12. Damnit I know tonight is getting long I must have worked too hard this week.. I am only 10 sodas in and feel like I could sleep for an eternity well at least until 6am if I'm lucky
  13. True I need to bring sexy back anyways 😎