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  1. Bingo that's what I am screaming I dont want any risk for some stupid shit but everytime swim suit season comes up here we go with the stretch mark shit again..
  2. Yea that was my first excuse not to due it. I told her stay at your goal weight for a year an then we will do it.. well here we are 5 years later and still at the goal weight lmao
  3. Wahahaha every dude I know that is paying on a tit Job is paying for someone else to enjoy them. Not worried about that but it is pretty funny
  4. Yep I know the cost trust me on this. The reef will suffer but damn this women is awesome and doesn't ask for anything but she really wants this . I mean damn she is only 32 with her masters and a great job and not to mention an awesome mom. Truly my hero shes something else. She is teaching at the college now and makes me call her professor weikel now thats pretty funny shit lmao. Dunno how this will turn out. We will see. still tring to talk her out of it...
  5. Did the same.. about to drop 15k on this unless she changes her mind . I would hate for her to go under the knife for cosmetic shit but she seems dead set on it. I can get on board with the Boob job but the tummy tuck is pretty bad they slice your ass from hip to hip.. I dunno I just hate the surgery shit for cosmetic stuff. Wtf ya gonna do ..
  6. That's what I am screaming. Man my wife is damn good looking but she has this complex bc she got stretch Mark's when she had my daughter. Sucks bc she trys so hard and yea they aren't going any where. Sucks even more bc our damn doctor waited an extra 2 weeks to do a c section and that's right when she got the stretch marks.. shes one of the only chickas I know that ate right and did not gain like 50lbs
  7. This reminds me when I was a kid and you would trick your buddy by asking a bunch of questions then asking "do your parents know your gay?" Wahahaha
  8. Man very annoying the wife is non stop talking about this keto shit she is doing.. I am not a health guy If you haven't noticed.. she is sooooo stoked she is losing weight . Imo she is losing a&t.. I like them thicker ya know.๐Ÿ˜‹ its ridiculous now i mean she always runs between 125-135 anyways but damn why to women want to be 120 blah... I can say keto can works! normally when she diets it's like 1350 calories a day bc she is only 5 one and that doesn't even work for her. but now she is eating a ton of calories and getting close to that 120 goal.. still i love me some bread๐Ÿ˜Ž #### KETOSIS
  9. Haha a little class is never bad Hey ohhh that's what I'm talkin bout๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. What did they raise the price of beer in this joint. Damn place is dead this evening. Hope you all are enjoying some good adult beverages and the holidays ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  11. Well yea he works for amazon that's part of their quality control standards. Man I live amazon..
  12. Well done!!! Loved the video that was funny as hell...
  13. Canโ€™t blame a guy for trying.. ๐Ÿคช Oh and the packing was awesome!!!!! A+ for the effort . I was cracking up
  14. Lmao my crew and I are driving home from work and we were all hoping you would have fallen for the dirt gag. They are like little kids right now and keep asking me "did he try it huh huh did he try it yet?"...