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  1. Fluval EVO 13.5 Lighting

    I set this tank up as a QT and because of that I was going low budget. Picked up a AI sol nano , gooseneck, and controller on the classifieds on the site for 100 bucks shipped.. the people on this forum sell a lot of good stuff for reasonable prices.. From what i've been seeing a lot of people go with the ai prime or the nanobox.. i have a nanobox on my biocube and love it , you won't find better customer support than Dave from nanobox.. Good luck
  2. Bio Cube Vs Evo?

    It's just easier with a timer, especially if you have corals. Like with my job i am out of the house for a long period if I was to turn it on when I left I would have to turn it off when I get home. I run my lights about 9 to 10 hours a day and I want them on until I go to bed so that would require me to turn my lights on during my work hours what is your budget? My budget was about 500 and I blew past that very quick haha. Not all at once but 10 bucks here 20 bucks there. I tried to keep track at first but then decided not too so there wouldn't be any prove of the actual cost haha I'll attach my note of some of the stuff I spent money on to get me going (some of it is livestock too). Don't get disscourged though you can build on a budget , just know in time you can put a good chunk of change into your build.
  3. Bio Cube Vs Evo?

    Which jbj? and the biocube 16 is 234 on Amazon shipped.. not a bad price imo...
  4. I've heard a lot of people use 6 line wrass in frag tanks bc they like to eat pests off of the frag plugs
  5. All in one nano filtration

    What brand tank do you Have? Fluval evo??
  6. Bio Cube Vs Evo?

    Just got back into the hobbie about 6 months ago, I have the bio cube 32 and just set up the 13.5 evo as a qt.. for me hands down the biocube is the way to go. Things I don't like about the evo The flow into the back chamber is weird there is a a surface skimmer coming off of chamber 1 but in chamber 2 there is a hole in the middle of the chamber. Most of the flow goes into chamber 2 and by passes chamber one, makeing chamber one not good for much. Pretty much will make media baskets not as effective imo. Odds are you will change both lights out but to start the evo doesn't have a timer. And if you add a timer you can only control the white light or the blue light very annoying. Cube has a timer that can be set to simulate sunrise and sunset. The hood is junk on the evo. Feels like thin cheap plastic. The hood is in two pieces. the peice that covers the sump is crap it will not stay on once you have your power cords running through it. The main hood is not hinged so when you do water changes you must remove it , the cube just swings open. Going hood less looks better on the evo but the evaporation on this small tank is unreal!!! I use10x more top off water on my evo then my 32 cube bc I took the top off my evo. Oh and there isnt a easy way to add a new light to the evo hood, nanobox makes a great light kit for the cube hood.. So for me I thing the best bang for your buck is the cube. I like it for the function of the filter chambers and the hood. For you it might come down to the shape, some people do not like the cube style. Anyways happy reefing hope this post helps!!!
  7. Best biocube 32 skimmer

    So i haven't seen any recent posts about "best" skimmers for the bio cube 32. I know I really dont need one seeing as I do 20 percent water changes weekly, but I wanted to try one. So my question is what skimmers fit in the 32 gallon biocube and which ones do you guys like.. From what I read seems like the tunze 9001 is what most people use. But is that the only option???
  8. Coral id

    Great:(... oh well at least I know that I have to feed it.. now to find out what it will eat lol Thanks
  9. Coral id

    Just bought a new coral. No idea what it is. Help me so I can take care of it. It's the pink one. Thanks
  10. Stocking 13.5 evo

    That is My concern I usually only add 1 fish at a time and this is a new start up Do you think it would be a problem adding clowns at differant times?? I domt want them to get too aggressive with each other.. How long would you wait before adding the second clown??
  11. Stocking 13.5 evo

    So I have a question I have never had a tank this small. I started it as a QT tank. My tank just finished cycling and I want to add a clownfish pair.. is a smaller pair of like 1.5 inch clowns too much to add at one time in this tank???
  12. Electrical Nightmare - $20 reward for solution

    Wood is not conductive... imo rubber mat is a waste of time .. And if the wood was super wet and became conductive I'm sure your tank is made of plastic or glass that sits on plastic all of which isn't conductive.. Honestly you have nothing plugged in and you still have voltage in the water. not possible there would have to be electricity in the air then transfer that energy through your tank which isn't a conductor and then the electricity would have to flow through non conducive tank to a ground source which you don't have because nothing is plugged in.. see what I mean It's not possible.. If you really still belive there is voltage in your tank try that annolog meter. I sure you think it's weird voltage goes to zero when you kill the breaker but the power in the outlet is probally what is causing an interference with you fluke and give you a false reading.. Hope you find out what's hurting your corals though.... good luck.
  13. Electrical Nightmare - $20 reward for solution

    So is your outlet your equipment plugged into a gfci plug or powerstrip? A gfci will trip if the amount of current running through your hot leg differs from the amount of return current on your neutral. Like with in thousandth of an amp MA.... it could be leaching through your water back to your neutral but that would be highly unlikely. Anyways my bet is your not leaching voltage through your water and something else is going on causing coral death.. let us know about your annolog readings if you can... Oh and your tank should be plugged into a gfci for your protection..
  14. Electrical Nightmare - $20 reward for solution

    Why would you check this? Did you have a problem?? Also fluke makes a good meter but it's still a digital meter. Digital meters are very finicky. Where are you grounding your meter??? My best bet is your meter is just reading B.S. .. if your really worried about it try using an annolog meter. Do you have access to a simson meter?? Also how old is your meter and do you get it calibrated?? Most people never need to calibrate a meter however I have been an instrument tech for 15 years we do tons of sensitive calibrations which require our meters to be caled annually..