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  1. Yea I have been so lazy with my cars. The last pic I showed ya when I took it off the trailer after the paint well yea haven't done shit to it. Wired the tach and couple lights still haven't even drove it... feels like I dont have time.. damn work is a bitch.. hoping spring I will get off my ass and finish it up
  2. Ha well American cars are shit when it comes to building a lasting car.. sad to say I know.. I like chevys though when it comes to American cars had a newer ss camaro a few years ago too. Funny thing that things you hate about the challengers is actually the things I liked about them.. way more space felt like a mans car.
  3. The holding tank goes through the tube then through the right angle needle valve then through another tube to the tit on the float. When the float is down the water flows in through a hole in the float assembly into the sump
  4. The needle valve is just to isolate the reservoir if you wanted to move it with water in it, even though they say not to move it when its filled hahaha.. if you keep the valve on just open it all the way Works well but runs out of water fast! And you have to keep the float clean so it doesn't stick
  5. Hey thanks for the invite dicks😋
  6. Ha I was just coming here to post your link.. seems like a great deal for someone with a evo..
  7. Because everytime you turn on a rodi captian planet sheds a tear. Plus I think she likes playing with that new gadget too😁
  8. Yea it's enough flow. I like mine to have a little more flow but you dont want them to have so much flow the tentacles will rub against the skeleton and cut them
  9. Well haven't posted in a bit bc not much is going on. Been tring to dial in my doser . This thing isnt very accurate but I diluted the solution by 100 percent and now it seems good to go.. Oh got a new fish today. Have always wanted one!!! Hes all cozy in the qt now.. one more fish and I can take down my old cube I've been using as a qt..
  10. Weikel

    power strips

    change the outlet to a gfci and then go with the American dj strips they are pretty cheap and the little switches are very handy !
  11. Weikel

    power strips

    don't forget the op question was about power strips. he never said anything about a fire in the first post. he did say that his NON protected strip got soaked and started smoking. tell ya right now that if a power strip gets soaked it will trip the gfci almost 100 percent of the time wrong again. grounding probes will provide a path for stray voltage to ground, hopefully a path of less resistance so it wont want to travel through you to ground, where the gfci will trip and cut off the power all together they will trip if the current is unbalanced by 5 or so milliamps (thousandths of and amp). your thinking that the voltage has to travel off route as in to a different location than the strip and that's not true. electricity is supposed to flow from the little prong(hot ) on the plug out through the device and back through the big prong(neutral) . lets say the strip gets soaked then the little prong (hot) can travel to the circle prong(ground) and boom trips. any who hope this helps gfci sole purpose is to protect people from getting shocked, you see them in areas that have water around bc its more likely that you would get shocked
  12. Weikel

    power strips

    Not true you cant say that it wouldnt trip if it gets water sprayed on the power strip. As I stated odds are if you soak the strip you will get water that is going to make a connection from the hot leg to the ground leg and that would trip the gfci.. And stating this is simply unsafe and irresponsible. Dont get me wrong I agree there isnt a perfect protection, but anything to make this hobby safer is a plus..
  13. Weikel

    power strips

    Hmmm. Not dieing is a pretty big plus lol.. looks like you have read a little on how gfcis work. Pretty much if a gfci sees a small difference in current from what's going out on the hot leg and what's coming back on the neutral leg it will trip. Meaning if somehow you come in contact with electricity and it flows through you to ground bam it trips. Could be life saving. Say water leaks all over an open spot on the power strip odds are the water will create a path to the neutral slot and ground slot then it will trip again.. will it stop 100 percent of problems probably not , but could save your life. They are a must for our hobby..