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Reaper's 57 Gallon Mixed Reef

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Hey guys!


Decided to start one of these story posts to keep up with my tank as it hopefully grows!


Tank: Deep Blue 57 Edge (36x18x20)

Lighting: Kessil AP700

Sump: Amethyst 26 with an Ehiem 1260 return pump (640 gph)

Flow: Return flow (640 gph) 2x hydor KPM wavemakere running at 15% a piece. 

ATO: Tunze nano

Control: Wifi for the light.

Heater:  2x Aquatop 150w Heaters

Skimmer: Reef Octopus Classic 110SSS (Originally bought for my 29 gallon build, so may at one point get a larger skimmer)

Substrate: 40lbs of Carib Sea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Sand

Live Rock: Currently have 80lbs of Worldwide Imports AWW0855 Atlantic Coral Rock, Not sure how much of it I used but had 3 large pieces left over.



* 1 - Gladiator Clown Fish (Aura)

* 1 - Mocha Gladiator Clown Fish (Nyx)

* 1 - orchid dottyback

* 1 - Royal Gramma Basslet (Hasn'y been seen in awile?)

* 2 - FireShrimp

* 3 - Electric Orange Hermit Crabs and 3 Zebra's.

* 1 - orange stribe goby.

* 1 - Yellow Eyed Tang

* 1 - Golden Blenny

* 1 - Candy Cane / Peppermint Hogfish



* 1 - Frogspawn

* 1 - Zoanthids

* 2 - Xenia

* 2 - ora torch coral 

* 1 - Montipora undata

* 1 - Unknown Monti Frag


Livestock owned but either not here / in QT:





Plans for the tank?

* Honestly I have no idea yet, I know I want a mixed tank of lps and softies with maybe some sps as I have the light for it. As for stocking a pair of Gladiator clown fish, a diamond watchman goby.

As for the rest I'm totally up for suggestions! 🙂

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I got the stand in and ready (being on the second floor still makes me nervous even though it's on a load bearing wall). Sadly didn't get the tank inside before it started pouring rain so put a tarp over it and will try later. But here's how the stand looks now!


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Update again! Tank is drying its final coating of paint on the back. Sump arrived today so will hopefully have it dry set up this evening while I wait for my rodi water!

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Update time! Didn't get as far as i would like today but here is the progress so far.





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Update again! Tank is scraped and full of water and sand! Now to wait for the cloud to go away 😂 


Also sand is smooth again. I fixed it after taking the picture haha 




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Nice setup! Love your tank, stand, and aquascape! Looking forward to following along!!

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I have same light and skimmer.  Depending on your fishload, the skimmer should work great for you.  

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Thanks guys! So another update! After stressing about the levelness of my tank ( it's on the second floor so I worry more the usual lol) I got shims. A level and a rubber mallet. Confirming my suspicions the tank was leaning really bad to the front (turns out my whole 2nd floor does alittle) and to the left. This was putting alot of unneeded strain on the front left corner and I was very unhappy with it. Below are the pictures of how unlevel it was and all the shims I used to fix it and try to make it as stable and safe as possible. 


Good news it's perfectly level now! 


Is there a way to remove the shims sticking out like they are?




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Shims would usually be broken off or cut, but they are usually used against hard surfaces. I would think breaking those shims off on the carpet would cause the front to drop back down a bit. Maybe you could compensate for that. Tank is looking good though!

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Thank you guys! Also fish are in! Deleted original pictures and upload some better ones below this post!

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Thank you guys! Here's an updated picture of the whole tank! 🙂 (EDIT) I have no idea why it looks blurry in the upload 😧 its not in the picture 😭


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Just a small update. Got my duel ended loc line fitting to combat the jet nozzle of a return pump and it worked like a charm! 


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Major update! (To me anyways) my lf had a frogspawn coral piece for 30 bucks so I decided to get my first coral!   


He isn't attached to the rock either, hes just leaned up against it behind said rock.


No idea really on placement and stuff so advice is always nice 🙂




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Frogspawn generally likes medium light, medium flow.  Great first coral as it is generally bulletproof.  

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Update again 🙂 went shopping today and picked up some goodies!


2 firefish

1 royal gamma basslet

1 - Xenia 

1 - orange zoan (I forget the exact name they used) 

1 - purple zoan of some kind (If you can identify it please let me know 🙂 )


maceo algea (what's the stem thing?) Chaetomorpha and the pods.









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