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Larry the Lobster

HELP! Green star polyp being eaten!

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Hello. I have a coral beauty angle fish and it is pecking at my gsp constantly. I am going on a vacation tomorrow (Wednesday to Sunday) and I can give the angel back to the store in time (I leave to soon). The angel pecks once or twice a minute at my gsp. The gsp is new to the tank and I put it in yesterday (Monday). Since it is new it is not open and has not been able to open because the angel constant pecking (all my water perimeters are good and so is my light I just checked). To prevent the constant nipping of the dwarf angel I put the 2 large gsp frags in a clean food container with holes. Will this be good for the vacation (the angel can’t nip now).  Will the gsp survive. 


Ps the angel was not doing this to my zoas. And the gsp was cut I. Half at the store. 


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He might be doing you a favor unless you really like gsp.  If the fish doesn’t mess with anything else and you like him there is not gonna be a more ideal coral for him to mess with.


im biased tho...gsp is a weed IMO unless placed thoughtful .


curious, what size tank do u have a coral beauty in?

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