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ID....bryopsis? Cladophora? Derbesia?


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I have been battling this algae in my DT for quite a while now. Recently it has become to get more and more widespread, probably due to spreading spores during manual removal. At first, I thought it was bryopsis, but after treating the tank with 2 iterations of Tech M without it showing any signs of dying, I am now wondering if my original ID was incorrect.


Therefore, please give me a hand in ID'ing this crap.

(sorry in advance for such bad pictures. I have gotten so fed up with looking at my ugly display that I haven't cleaned the glass in over a week.)

19733184899_95deafd924_b.jpg20150721_230105 by cchsoracle, on Flickr


19731850710_fc217e007f_b.jpg20150721_230205 by cchsoracle, on Flickr


19912306032_281307c0c8_b.jpg20150721_230247 by cchsoracle, on Flickr


19912302262_1d53bf8e56_b.jpg20150721_230212 by cchsoracle, on Flickr


19912299962_261f5a7f3c_b.jpg20150721_230156 by cchsoracle, on Flickr


19919839585_30bec89ccd_b.jpg20150721_230142 by cchsoracle, on Flickr


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How high did you go with the Kent magnesium. I don't see any effect until I reach 1800 and then that's minimum. 2000 is where I believe it should go and stay for about a month along with manual removal.

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Oh shit man. Have you tried hitting it with peroxide? My guess would be clad. I believe agiflex or a product with a name like that could clear you up.

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I can't see too clearly but that looks like turf algae to me. 50/50 peroxide dip will weaken it considerably and algae grazers can then polish it off.

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Peroxide works most of the time but sometimes cant fully solve the problem. When is the last time you did a water change? and do you use RODI?

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I did try broadcast dosing peroxide sometime in between the two iterations of tech m dosing. It only seemed to slow the growth of it. Same for target dosingthe peroxide.

I do use rodi. My water for WCs and topoffs it usually 0tds. I use blue bucket red sea salt. I haven't done a WC in a couple weeks, but that is somewhat irrelevant as this stuff had been growing for months.

Here are some better pictures...19843322139_98a79d6f4e_k.jpg20150726_123611 by cchsoracle, on Flickr

19841942750_4e6befad2e_k.jpg20150726_123759 by cchsoracle, on Flickr

20017620576_f22d26af97_k.jpg20150724_141152 by cchsoracle, on Flickr

19855830038_734026bcc4_k.jpg20150724_141144 by cchsoracle, on Flickr

19422926253_96e31b4b34_k.jpg20150724_141136 by cchsoracle, on Flickr


At this point, im fairly sure it's not bryopsis. Im thinking about doing a large water change and manually removing as much as i can. Then I can try running a reactor with phosban to see if i can keep it from growing back.

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It looks like half of it is turning clear is that the case?

It's looked that way for quite some time. I thought it was the start of it weakening, but it never went much further than you see in those pics. I have actually fully removed the big bush on the left side of the tank, to have it just grow back to what you see now within about 2 weeks or so.

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I know this doesn't help, but it is kinda pretty... :)


How frustrating. I wish I actually knew something that would be able to help.

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Peroxide dipping affected frags and rocks beats back bryopsis temporarily. I've taken that opportunity to super glue with runny glue, areas between polyps and between corals, I've made some success with that although a few fronds peek out when they grow again in a week or 2.

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