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INSAAAANE 10gallon.


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You ought to see the colors on thos things...they are all purple and gold from the side, but green and such from above...all ultras.

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I love the tank but you need some coralline bad.If I were you with that aquascaping ,I would paint the back of the tank too.

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due to the halide, all coralline I get tends to bleach out shortly after it appears, so I just scrape it off all together. I have a removable back, but since the back is clear, you get to see the purple glow from the actinics on the sump....kinda a 3d deep blue sea background.

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Well let me re-phrase.He doesnt need it ,but the tank would look better if there wasnt so much white rock there.I mean dont get me wrong , I think the tank is awesome.Just a couple a things that would make the tank look better.

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I bet it looks better in person.Good job man, you have my kudos.



Man , why didnt you post that pic before? That is the best pic yet and gives us a better perspective of the tank.Awesome!

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Well, it is mostly a frag grow-out tank...so there is going to be alot of visible rock...thank god for that, cuz there is something like 30some corals in it...mostly SPS.


purple milli

blue milli

red milli

teal milli

purple digi

orange digi

green pavona

green slimer

pink & blue milli

red lobo

pink cap

red cap

green cap w/ purple polyps

silver xenia

pink pom pom xenia

pink victorian zoos

lime green zoos

green&maroon zoos

green&orange zoos

red zoos

cobalt shrooms

blue shrooms


sand polyps

clove polyps


blue&pink rics

yellow porites

...soon to be added blue torte frags from tha mother colony in the 60g.


whats so special about the overflow anyways? I just drilled it, made a box out of a brochure holder, used needlepoint mesh as a screen, hacked up a bunch of plumbing and such...I made a DIY thread on it almost a year ago as wetworx.


no sand at all, just debri...why? well, the tank was just moved, and so I want to be able to blow out all the crap before I put a thin layer of sand in. The sump has all the sand that was once in the ten before moving...along with my olive brittle star....the nasty bugger ate my 6-line wrasse, old anemone crabs, peppermint shrimp, neon goby, sally lightfoot crab...everything except for the skunk cleaner and all the hermits (if he would have gotten either the marshall island electric blue or the hawiian zebra hermits, I would have pulled him out and ripped his arms off!)


the pump is a single eheim 1250 hobby pump...i estimate that it makes about 250gph with the 2'head. ebo heater. my diy injection skimmer on the sump. my diy battery powered top-off on the sump. diy sump. diy stand out of oak. diy drilled tank. diy light. if there was only a way to diy a heater and a pump....

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