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ParadizeCityz' Fusion 30L (Re-Launched!)


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My original tank



Sold my old Nuvo 30 and got the tank that I originally wanted, the Fusion 30L


I transferred some stuff over but sold most the old tank and corals.


It's been setup for about a month now but here's the current pictures. Sorry for the bad pictures as I'm still trying to figure out best way to tank them with my iPhone 5s







I'm looking for maybe 1 more rock, maybe a half circle kinda rock to fit in the middle to make another "cave"



Update 2-22-2015

New video and it's more "even" lol



FTS 1-18-2015


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Hope all is having a great new year!


I originally had 2 BTA....had 1 from the old tank for several months but it's small so I bought a bigger one. It's been about 2-3 weeks now and I woke up this morning to find out that it had split last night...As well as both of them had moved from the original location after being set there since day 1



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So some big stuff just happened....

I was looking at my tank in detail and saw some bubble algae! Now, my old tank had an issue with this so I immediately took care of the bubble algae on my live rock. I took it out of water to manually remove them all. As I was doing that, 1 of the split anemone was hanging off a little so I decided I wanted to re-locate it a bit to where the clownfish hangs out more often. I was able to take it off the rock with no problem, moved it over to the spot and I guess it didn't latch on so it ended up being swept in the current. I saw it floating as I was holding a rock and afterwards, I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere behind the rocks and saw nothing and finally found it in my mp10!!! I quickly turned off the mp10 and removed the anemone carefully. I put it back on the rock and have the flow off for now, hoping it will latch on and be ok :(


Also, I believe I found the culprit of the bubble algae issue. The kenya tree, that I moved over from my old tank and also my gf's favorite, was filled with it! I couldn't believe it but now I removed the kenya tree from my tank.


Now my tank looks barer than before, but that's ok. I'm ready for more corals and plus, a local event called Reef Currents and coming up soon!!!

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I usually turn off all Power Head when i mess with work rock...


It was kinda spur of the moment deal so I wasn't really thinking but lesson learned!!! LOL

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