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My 1 gallon pico Idea!


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Hello fellow Picolos!

1 gallon aqueon bow (7x4x8)
Cobalt 5 watt mini heater
6 watts blue led
2 watts white led
2x aquatech magnetic frag rack
Carbon filter cartridge

2x sexy shrimp
1x nerite snail


shrimp 2

shrimp 1

No3 10
No2 0
Ph 8.3
Kh 180ppm
Sg 1.025
Temp 79*
Ammonia 0

My plan is to collect rare zoa frags and attach them on individual clear acrylic frag plugs for display. I have 2 frag racks that hold 8 plugs each. The magnets that attach them to the back of the tank enable me to move the racks higher or lower for acclimation. Lighting comes from 8 individual LED's from a wave point screw on light (currently sits 10" an over top rack). The flow comes from the small power head attached to the filter that came with the tank however it doesn't reach the bottom rack as strong as the top so I'm debating if I should collect mushrooms and ricordias and place those on the bottom rack.


#8 Frag Slot


I also have a single head torch coral that I superglued to an old nano mag

Torch Frag



FTS 12/11/14

Thanks for viewing and feel free to leave any questions or comments!

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Decided to take out the live sand to have better control over my parameters and I also removed the carbon filter/powerhead and already Ive noticed that some of my zoa polyps are finally opening up and my torch coral has plumped up..


FTS 12/22/14


Is the carbon filter depleting too much of the pico's nutrients?

was the flow causing them to close up?


Heres the torch coral when i had the filter/powerhead running:

Torch Frag


And here is the torch coral when i had the filter/powerhead taken out of the pico:

Torch Frag

Torch Frag

More shots of the tank:

Birds Eye View

Front View


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You may have issues with the sexy shrimp and zoas. Many people report sexy shrimp nipping skirts and eating polyps. That is what has kept me from getting any for my half gallon vase.


Is that light that blue and do those racks glow that much in person? Could be due to the camera and lack of ambient lighting, but to me it is difficult to see the corals. The racks look like they function well and are a cool idea for a growout system, but personally I think it detracts from the corals with that blue of a light, which kind of defeats the purpose of keeping the higher end stuff (obscuring the coloration and patterns). But I tend to prefer a whiter lighting, and it's not my tank, so take from it what you will.

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It's blue but not as overwhelming as the pictures make it look. Part of the problem is that I'm using an iphone 5 to take the pictures. The blues bring out more color in my zoas IMO. As for the sexys, they stay on the bottom of the tank and scavenge the dead space.

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Thanks for the heads up. There was a spot that had coralline algae growing on it that I chose to glue it to so hopefully that helps. I'm thinking of putting an air stone in for water movement. Thoughts or ideas?

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