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10 gallon sump design


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Anyone have any good designs for a 10 gallon sump, looking for something simple for my new 20l


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Here is the design for the 10 gallon sump I will use on my 20 long. Fuge area is 14" x 10", return pump area is 6" x 4" and will fit many pumps, skimmer area is 6" x 6". I am going to use a PLS-50 skimmer, Aquagadget reactor (smaller one), I will build an egg crate holder for filter pad between the fuge and skimmer. With the small return pump area an ATO is a must.


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That's interesting. How will you keep bubbles from getting returned to the DT?

I haven't built it yet, so I am not sure if it will be bubble free. The filter pad after the fuge area will break up any bubbles from the overflow down into the sump. I am already using the PLS-50 and Aquagadget reactor in another tank and I do not have any mirco bubbles from either. If I do encounter bubbles entering the return pump area I figure that I can use another piece of filter pad to break them up on the spill over from the skimmer to the return pump.

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