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tunze vs vortech vs ? for 30 gallon?


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I've been out of the hobby for a little bit. I have a innovative marine 30 gal. I'm using a first gen mp10 that im looking to replace due to noise. I don't expect to get a standing wave in the tank but it's going to be and all bubble top anemone tank so I want really good back and forth flow.


I like the wave maker function on the vortech, but I was wondering what's out there that could give me what I'm looking for.

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Jebao wp10 or 25 would be another option


Or you can replace the noisy part of your old mp pump (wry side or dry side, actually you can replace the bearings if it's the dry side)

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How are they for wave making and silence?

I don't have them myself, but were seriously considering them for my next build, a 24G cube.


They are basically like Tunze pumps with controllers ^^

They are definitively more silent then Ecotech Marine Vortech pumps, but that is because the motor is in the water, like almost all other generic circ. pumps on the market. Unfortunately that also mean that the heat from the motor is released into your tank water. That is why I think Vortechs really are the way to go, especially for nano tanks. It's no problem keeping the tank cool in the summer. On the hottest days, all you need is a cheap computer fan :)


Also, apparently the Vortechs have a much wider flow and push more water then Tunze-type pumps. The undertow is also amazing with the Vortechs :)

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How are they for wave making and silence?


Great wake making and pretty silent. My wp10 only puts out a slight electric him/buzz as it ramps up. The output stream is very narrow compared to the vortechs. Not nearly as polished but a wp10 is less than 1/4th the price of an mp-10. There is also wp25 and 40 versions if you want more power.


I put up a video in the "has anyone got their hands on a wp-10 yet" thread of the wave action in a 27 gallon.

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I would go with a mp10 but that's just my opinion. I have two on my cube for random flow and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.


But it all depends on the coin flow you have.
Mp10's can be expensive buying new but you can buy great used pumps on here for a dime a dozen. Also looks like a wart on the outside of your tank. lol
Wp-10's or WP-25's are cheap and new on the market and can move water just as well as the mp-10. But with a controllable mp-10 has it beat 10 fold. Also long wait times depending on where you get it too.
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the flow pattern of a vortech is fantastic and i've not personally seen a pump which matches it. I think that really makes them worthwhile if you can afford it. That said on my 75 it was just too expensive to put the 2 MP40s I would need so I went with koralia pumps. When vortechs are achievable I think they're the answer.

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