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Livewyr25's Innovative Marine Nuvo 38 Build w/ Custom Stand


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Hey, Have had experience with fresh water tanks a few years ago. Wanted to get back into the hobby, but i figured go big or go home, so I'm going saltwater. I don't have a lot of space in my condo, so the Innovative Marine Nuvo 38 gallon would be the best fit for me. I didn't trust the stand that i saw they were selling after reading reviews on it, so I figured i would learn how to build one. It's been a slow process so far building the stand and getting all the equipment purchased and ready.


My plan is to have a mixed reef tank.


Equipment so far:

  • SpectraPure 90gpd MAXCAP RODI
  • BRS Booster pump ( my water pressure was terrible)
  • API Saltwater Test Kit
  • BRS Portable Refractometer
  • Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152
  • Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 100 Watt
  • Nuvo 38 Gallon AIO tank ( arriving in a few days)

Equipment I plan on purchasing soon:

  • AI Vega Color
  • Custom Hanging bracket from http://www.modularled.ca/custom-hanging-bracket/ (drilling into my ceiling or wall is not an option)
  • Apex Lite Controller
  • MP10
  • Intank Media Basket (Chemipure & Purigen ) and Refugium basket
  • Aquamaxx hob-1 Protein Skimmer

Rock and Substrate:

  • 20 lbs BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock
  • 15 lbs BRS Reef Saver Dry Live Rock
  • Will buy some live rock to seed from LFS
  • 30 lb Bag of Tropical Eden Mini Flakes
  • 30 lb Bag of Tropical Eden Reef Flakes


Now to bore you with Pics of my stand Build ( I got the plans for the stand from a reefer on another forum) built to my dimensions. *please note, I have absolutely no experience with wood working :blink:


At the time i did not own a circular saw so a great employee at Lowes was nice enough to custom cut every piece of wood i needed.





Start building the frame. This 90 Degree Clamp i found at Harbor Freight tools for $10 was amazing.




Getting there:




Frame is Done:




Time to Start Skinning, Lowes wouldn't cut the plywood for me, so i had to buy a circular saw (first time using a power tool) But it has a cool laser!






Build myself a nice little shelf:




Cutting out the door was the hardest part ( still have all 10 fingers and toes)




For the Top of the stand, I got the great idea from Fellow Nano-Reefer Maizenblue00 (http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/325661-my-nuvo-38-one-step-closer/) for using a 2 Stair Treads and gluing them back to back to get perfect rounded edges.




Painted the inside white to protect the wood ( I will be keeping my ATO reservoir in the bottom part of the stand) and will be leaving the back open so i will have easy access to cables and tubes and whatnot.





He is what it looks like after a few coats of stain ( i still have to finish staining the extra pieces of moulding, they were after thoughts) and hang the door.




Here is a shot of the box of rocks i got, Time to start figuring out how to make a great aqua-scape





Will post more as the stand progresses and i get my tank next week!

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Started playing around with some aquascaping:




Rocks Came really dirty and full of gunk, so i'm giving them a bath for a few weeks. Good thing i have a cover for it, after a few hours with a Maxi Jet and a Heater in RODI water, it started smelling really bad.




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All from Bulk Reef Supply. 20 Lbs of Pukani and 15 lbs of reef saver. in the comments section of the order i told them it is for a nano tank so they would give me smaller pieces. They did a great job!

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Wow you did a great job with that stand, and especially for never having touched a power tool before.


That sucks about the tank...

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#### UPS!!! So sorry you have to go through this. I've received a broken nuvo too. I've witnessed several times they just throw heavy big boxes and pushing it across the floor without using a trolley.


Great job on the stand!

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So i arrive home to a Huge Box.




Looks a little battered around the corners. But Not terrible. Opened that bad boy up:




I believe there is a tank in there somewhere.....only in 348204 pieces. Thanks UPS for breaking it again, but this time leaving it at my door for me to deal with. Hopefully 3rd time is a charm. I HATE UPS! Dr Foster and smith will send it Fedex this time.

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Dude so sorry this happened to you again. 3rd time always a charm! Or you can request for a full refund and purchase it at your local LFS.

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No one around me sells the tank, and i save tax by ordering it online. Just super annoying. I bought everything else, all i am missing is the damn tank.


I am actually a little surprised at how badly packaged this tank is. I would expect so much more styrofoam.

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No one around me sells the tank, and i save tax by ordering it online. Just super annoying. I bought everything else, all i am missing is the damn tank.


I am actually a little surprised at how badly packaged this tank is. I would expect so much more styrofoam.

Don't fret. Dr Foster will fix this for you. Let's hope FedEx does a better job at handling.

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Dr F & S have been great, but now its going to be another week until i get the tank. Wish they would upgrade the shipping for me. oh well

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All done with the stand and moved into the living room. Tank comes today!





NOW THAT"S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT!! Nice job Livewyr25!

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3rd time is a charm!! Tank came today in one piece. Thanks FEDEX!!!! Pics to come shortly!!!!

It's about time! Time to get things going!

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Arrived in one piece and i didn't break it taking it out of the box.



Tank all set up, Making RODI water takes a lot of time! Leak testing now and going to make the salt water first and then add the rock and sand to the tank.



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