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Justice's Nuvo16. New Pics 4-16-13


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Hello nano-reef, I'm very close to being done setting up my new tank and thought I'd share the journey. I have limited space so a nano tank it had to be and I decided on the Nuvo16 in black.


I purchased the tank from a LFS and he was kind enough to sell it to me without the lights which took a nice chunk out of the price. I leak test the tank about two weeks later and find quite a few leaks... :blink:. The biggest one was from the front display area into the filtration area. As soon as I put water into the display area it leaked into the filtration section.


That had me very upset, but long story short my LFS and Steve at Innovative Marine made it right and I got a replacement tank with no problems. On to the goods!






Nuvo 16 in black





Ameriwood Aquarium Cabinet





Orginally I had an AI Nano, but I didn't like the spread over the tank and I decided I wanted full spectrum so I sold it. Searched high and low for a fixture to suit my needs and budget and after reading a massive thread on these Chinese :eek: fixtures and finding out that they are built with decent quality components I decided to order one. I was very surprised at the quality of the light when I first opened it. So far I'm very happy with it, but time will tell. It's extreme overkill for such a small tank so I'll have to dial it down for sure.


Display- ReefBreeders 120w full spectrum controllable LED fixture

Fuge- DIY Rapid LED single 3w LED





Gnome glass skimmer 32mm x 22cm with mount





EcoTech MP10

Eheim Compact 1000

2x IM Spin Stream ( Not really a pump but yea)





DIY acrylic/mesh net top to keep fishies in the drink

In Tank Media Baskets

Jager 75w Heater Cobalt Aquatics Neo Therm 75w

Tunze Nano ATO

Custom made acrylic ATO reservoir

IM Aqua Gadget All in one media reactor









Old light set-up:




New light:



















That's it for now, thanks for looking. I will keep this updated as I progress.

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Wow! Very nice. Super clean, modern look.



Thank you!




Hmmm reefbreeders? :)


Yea, it's actually a Chinese fixture that Reefbreeders resales. They of course are based in the US and honor the warranty, so if something should happen with the fixture you deal with them and not some company in China. Like I said I spent a lot of time reading about the fixtures...Radion, Vega, Maxspect Razor and a few others trying to decide what to buy, but after finding a huuuge thread about these Chinese lights on Reef Central I decided to give it a shot. It uses Bridgelux led's and is surprisingly well built.


Nice gear, can't wait to see it wet.

Thanks, it should be wet this weekend!

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Well I did my best at attempting to be a carpenter to make the shelf to hang my light from. It turned out better than I thought it would and the gf approves so it's all good. I can now finish up everything and get my water and rock in. I got about 20lbs of Real Reef Rock I'm going to be using for the build and I'm going bare bottom but painted the outside bottom a textured sand color. Was hoping for rock and water today, but it's getting close to Superbowl festivities. Thanks for looking.










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Water and rock going in today, WOOT!


Side note: I'm using the ESV saltmix. I didn't know at first that it came in a 4-part system you mixed yourself. When I opened the box I was like :eek:, but I measure each component by weight and the readings come out perfect every time and there is no residue left in the bucket at all. I'm very happy with it so far.






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Where did you have that ATO box made? Also what pump are you using? I see its a Tunze pump


Very interested as i need the exact same setup for my cabinet.

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Where did you have that ATO box made? Also what pump are you using? I see its a Tunze pump


Very interested as i need the exact same setup for my cabinet.



I got this from Elite Aquatics. It's pretty much the standard one they sell, but I had mine made 5" wide instead of 6" so it would fit in the stand.


Thanks everyone for the comments!

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Loving the setup so far. That led setup looks pretty sleek. Lets get that rock in!


Thanks. I got the rock in last night. I like the scape but may add a few more rocks, I'm not sure yet. Will post pics later today. Thanks for looking.

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Rock is in! Not sure if I'm 100% happy with it, but that's usually how it goes when it comes to an aqua-scape. It is lacking on the vertical side, but provides a lot of nice flat surfaces for SPS. I'll more than likely get a few more pieces and see if I can improve it. Thanks for looking.






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I added two more pieces of the Real reef rock and I think it helped the scape out quite a bit. Right now, I'm just waiting for the cycle to complete. I used Dr. Tim's and dosed ammonia. I'm also trying to get my stocking list together as well, which is always fun. Stay tuned!







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I like the aquascape low if you're going to have branching SPS. If you go with a lot of stags they will fill up the water column very quickly. If you plan on all different kinds of growing SPS then I like a couple of high locations.

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The tank is cycled and ready for lifestock!! :haha: I'm still pretty undecided about coral. I really want to keep a lot of SPS but never have before so I'm a little worried. I'm well prepared equipment wise to handle them so that's a plus. Think i'll pick a few easy to care for frags and see how they do and go from there.


I got a new heater and a fancy little nano mag cleaner. I put the test kit in the picture just to say that Red Sea's customer service is awesome. I bought a reef foundation test kit from them which is Alk, Mag, and Cal. The Cal was missing one of the reagents. I emailed support and the next day they got in contact with me and shipped out my reagent. I was surprised that they gave me the complete kit of three reagents when I only was shorted one. Very cool.


Fish and coral this weekend!! Stay tuned.



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There is life in the tank, woooot! Went to the LFS and got a nice frag of ORA gonipora and birdsnest. Also got some chaeto and tigger pods. I'm starting slow but in time it will be full. =) Pics below















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