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GrandeGixxer's IM Nuvo 16


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This is going to be a softie and lps tank. I had 2 naked clowns, one disappeared. Pair of red firefish and assorted cuc. This tank has been up and running for about 2 months now, most of the corals came from my other tank. Here are some pics. :D












I hope you enjoy!

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Yes, that's she stock lighting.


I am going to re-aquascape it when I get the chance and get all of the frag plugs out and get everything off the sandbed. :D

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Redid the aquascape today, put in a frag rack, water change, chemipure elite, purigen. Added a new fish the other day, actually added 3, 2 didn't make it. :( pretty cool little fish for a damsel!


Here are the pics.







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Lol, I found a sugar momma that asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I'm waiting for her to bring it to me though.


I bought this little beauty tonight!




I paid more than I wanted to for it, but I have wanted another elegance for quite a while. I'm happy with it!

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Still waiting on the new light, here are a few pics until then. 3628e2f4a25c26261c2147c80c323e3f.jpg487cb289a2b000a7bf574cb54706a0ef.jpg227ccf4c91df8ef8b1a7dc37fa79f945.jpg91b75255804916198a86b6949d997cb9.jpg Enjoy!

Pretty sweet so far! it's going to look great when everything grows out. So much room for activities!

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Thank you! Is a fun tank! I need to get some putty, my Sally lightfoot likes to knock everything over. Getting kinda annoying.

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I am possibly going to be looking for a 2 bulb T5 fixture for this tank instead of the AI. I am not really happy with the colors that my Solana has with the Sol. If I can get a good deal, I might humor it. :)

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Beginning of march, this tank will come down and everything will be combined back with the contents of my SPS tank in an 80 cube. I don't have any updated pics right now, but it looks way better with the Sol over it. :)

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Does anyone know if the back pane is tempered? I think I am going to drill it and connect to the main system to use as a frag tank when I upgrade. I actually have a new tank enroute. The back acrylic popped off the glass dividers a while back. IM is sending a new tank out.

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The damage has been done! This is the replacement tank from IM. Drilled and ready for the upgrade!




With Maggie Muffler, fits like a glove!




My GQ frag rack!




Looking forward to getting the upgrade done this weekend.

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