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two simple zoa id's


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Got these from the LFS a while back (they don't have much diversity)





If they don't have a name yet Krillin maybe you can just make one up for them :-)


or go to http://zoanthids.com and see if you can find an ID (common name) there

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Zoaid.com is also a good reference. The second one kind of reminds me of the fire and ice zoas, but dont take my word for it, i am FAR from an expert.

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1. green PE??? When they close up do they have stripes?

2. Fire and ICE

PEs are palys, it looks a lot like a zoa. But PEs do have stripes!


They're not mean greens or gumbys, and the 2nd ones aren't fire and ice,most likely a close morph of fire and ice though.

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