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Cultivated Reef

bye bye 3 gallon, Now welcome the dirty 7.5


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FTS 2/6/13
  • Equipment
  • Jbj 3 gallon Pico
  • Aqua clear 70 fuge mod
  • letric full spectrum par38
  • Theo 25w heater
  • 3 pounds of live rock
  • 6 pounds of live sand




  • green mushrooms
  • pulsing xienia
  • candy cane coral
  • zoanthids
  • sexy shrimp
  • peppermint shrimp
  • feather dusters




  • dwarf ceriths
  • nassarius
  • florida ceriths
  • nerites

this is when i first set the tank up. but it just looked like a pile of rocks so a few weeks later i added sand and took some rocks out


this is when the snail apocalypse happened


my first coral


this is my tank now its but running a lil longer than 2 months

thanks for looking let me know what you think


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thanks. yeah the last pic is with the full spectrum leds. its not all that blue in person its just that don't have a good camera so it looks really blue.

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  • 1 month later...

Quick little update on my tank ive added a yellow tail damsel fish real small guy about 1/2 inch. Got some more zoas and some green blue palys. Im also working on a auto top of system hoping to get it done this weekend. Im trying to figure what coral would look great on top of my bald dome rock on the left any suggestions would be welcome. Heres another crappy vid lol trying to get a dslr off my brother to get some nicer pics


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  • 3 weeks later...

The motor for my AC70 died this morning :angry: . I Woke up to my tank at 65° since the heater is in the filter so i moved it to the tank and slapped on the cheap filter that came with the tank for water movement. I only had the AC70 a little over 3 months which a bummer that the motor gave out so soon. I ordered a replacement one from amazon i got next day shipping so it should be here tomorrow. I hope the new one last longer than 3 months. All my live stock is doing fine so thats good.

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My AC70 motor didn't die i guess it just got stuck or something. when the new one arrived i went to swap it out i decided to try it out one more time and it started right up. so i guess i have an extra motor for when the time comes. i told my girl friend what happened and she said that it was my the shrimp and the fish plotting to escape like on finding nemo. :lol:


ok quick update now i got my order from badfish reef systems a while back i think before thanksgiving but i get lazy about putting stuff on my tank. but i go around to it so heres some pics of what i got.



thats the overflow for the ac70 i think im gonna have to cut out part of the back to make it fit my tank at the height i want. that or I'm totally lost on how to mount it but it looks pretty straight forward the quality is top notch.


the AC70 media basket. i didn't like how my diy fuge mod was performing so i ordered this one and i love it works great makes it easy to clean the filter now and my water has been noticeably clearer so i would highly recommend this product. but i did have to notch the removable peace that separates the fuge part from my filter floss to fit my heater back in there.






i also got 2 small frag racks for my 3pico i know. frag racks and pico arnt something that go. but these are really clean and they don't look to bad in there.


im still working on the ATO but again i get lazy and start playing games on my computer lol. but its almost done just fished the snail guard and i just have to finish wire the the switch and floats. here some pics i took with my phone that im actually happy with. thanks for looking





this xenia just does not want to grow its been about 2 months and its looks the sames might not like my tank.



oh ya i got a emerald crab i got a female to handle some hair algae and a lil bubble algae that been growing the hair algae is not a big problem its just there nothing to eat it so it just grows. its only been 3 days the cabs been doing its job really good. i should of just got one from the start but i got all freaked out about getting one from all the horror storys on here about them killing stuff.

20120414123908_zpsbdd6dbdd.jpg and my other dog since i got the other one in one of the basket pics lol.

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I finally finished my auto top off so yay me. Installed it yesterday along with the overflow box from badfish.

Heres a pic of my snail guard its not the prettiest but im happy



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  • 2 weeks later...
Updates? Looking good! How high can you keep your water level with your ATO setup?


Trying to get my brothers DSLR to take some new pictures. With my ATO I can adjust my water level Anywhere from 1 inch and a half from the top to The very top. But I keep my water level 5/8 of an inch from the top


Nice work so far!


Thanks alot!

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  • 1 month later...

Nice job looks really clean, wish i had some extra wire sleeving laying around. what color combo did you use and how dose it work for u.

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oh so u just made yours recently. well i hope this light combo work as good as ppl say it dose.


i just finished soldering everything i used heat shrink on the wires so look better than bare wires i just need to paint it tomorrow and ill post some pictures as soon as i get it on my tank

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just some pics


can some one id this coral for me i think its a lobo but i just want to be sure


these are my first zoanthids... still dont know what there called lol.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Yeah sexy shrimp are great i loved mine but it got eaten by my peppermint (thatz dead now :() and fish so i dont want to get more cuz there so tiny i get scared my crab will eat them.

Nice i want sexy shitms but im scare the are so small Shirmps
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  • 1 month later...

okay update 2013-04-10_22-18-14_598_zps17b481d5.jpg Thats the AC70 all finished and painted. its been done for like 2 months works great. 2013-03-24_20-03-55_110_zps4e740f8a.jpg and those are the floats switches for my ATO i finish back in november

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  • 5 months later...

update!! well the 3 gallon is down and i set up the 7.5 mr. aqua bow front just for my yellow tail damsel, i didn't want to put him in my 11.4 gallon with my two clowns. since there like 3 times his size.


i call it my dirty tank!


Here's why


-gets water changes every 2 to 3 weeks with old tank water from my 11.4's water change that gets weekly changes.


- i feed my damsel every day!


- i don't clean the glass that often


the tank has all soft coral lots of macro, and a fish been running like this for a few months everything looks great.



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