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Running gfo and carbon in a phosban 150


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I was wondering if it's possible to run both of these media in a phosban. I know gfo will clump and I know carbon shouldn't tumble but what about these 3 options below? Which would be more efficient? And I'm just wondering about these 3... Not adding a 2nd reactor or a new AC with a media basket.... Everything is based off of space constraints.


1. Mix both together in a filter sock and shove it in the phosban (I already sort of do this just because I have a HOB filter but no media basket. Obviously not as efficient and I have to change both media together)


2. Shove the carbon at the top in a filter sock and let the gfo tumble (might start to clog)


3. Put the carbon in a filter sock in my filter and just run the phosban with gfo (not getting efficient use out of my carbon)


At the same time it is a 20G nano tank and I don't even know if tumbling gfo is even going to work since i'd probably have only 3-5 tbsps in there max. I really wish there were better nano reactor options. So which would pick?

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Get a BRS Reactor, it's better built and is made to handle both GFO and carbon better. My TLF 150 feel very weak driving Biopellets using a MJ1200 so I have very little faith that it can tackle both GFO and carbon without using a more powerful pump which will drive up heat in a little nano. They have videos showing how the BRS reactor works with both reactors. Personally I would recommend running them separately as your Carbon is exhausted only after a few days while the Phosban will last up to weeks / months depending on your existing Phosphate level. It's too much of a hassle / waste to just empty out every few days.

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Ideally you don't want to mix them as they have both different useful lives so require replacement on a different schedule, and different flow requirements. But, with a nano system you will only be running a couple spoons full of each so its not a huge investment loss if you change the GFO more frequently due to the carbon being exhausted. If it were on a big system with 100+ grams of each I would never consider it but with a maximum of 20 grams or two tablespoons of GFO full dosage its not a big deal breaker. I have done both together but on my 16G nano prefer placing it in a bag in a medium flow area as a recator, even the Phosban 150 is a waste due to its size. On my 100G I run two reactors teed off of one MJ400 with seperate ball valves for flow regulation.

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