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RSM pumps leaking around intakes


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So, I got brand new rsm pumps for my 130, and the intakes are leaking bad. If the water level drops below the bottom of the pump body itself, they spray water everywhere. Horrible design in my opinion. I thought about epoxying them on but then I'd never be able to take the impellers out..


Anybody ran across this and have a fix for it? I'm sure this is cutting the flow way down.. I knew I should have bought mj's lol

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I'd contact RS and see what they say or try and return them from whoever you got them from. I guess you could run a little bead of silicone to prevent leaking but could still twist it off if necessary.


I think the only alternative pumps that will fit and are beter are Ehiems, but even they need a little modification.

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check this out, here is a video of the leakage. both pump are brand new and do the same thing


here is the noise they make. this is 2 new redsea pumps running. nothing else is on and my house is dead quiet. it seems a lot louder and annoying in person

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The bottom intake piece does not have a tight seal, I see nothing in the video that would say they are bad. Noise can come from the two pumps touching each other and vibrating, make sure they are apart. The top piece also can vibrate, just remove them they are cosmetic.


If you water is lowering past the pumps you need to trouble shoot why that is.

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You really think they should leak that bad? They are probably spraying water a good 8" out of either side. It's loosing a pretty good amount of water. When both pumps were installed I had the tops removed and I did make sure when I tightened them down that they weren't touching the glass on either side or each other. They were like that in the video.


I don't think that much leakage is acceptable. It isn't in my tank anyway..


Redsea says they are gonna warranty them for me...if the new ones are just as bad, I'll just glue them on. Should be a little better design than that.


Water level is fine in the back. The only thing I have back there is one of your baskets and some floss.

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It's hard to say for sure without being there, your call. I super glued mine on when I ran the stock pumps just cause they fell off all the time. All I can personally visualize is the impeller splashing water out the unsealed gap. They are decent pumps, just a terrible placement design.... ugh....


make sure you have a larger bag of media like chemi pure tied to the middle shelf of the basket so you are not blocking too many holes. And keep the floss changed. This will keep water flowing correctly and the level correct in the rear chamber.

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