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New fish doesnt look to well


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I bought a True Percula about 7 hours ago, he is in the QT right now and he seems to be swimming only about 1-2 inches off the bottom of the tank in the right corner.


I just gave some New life spectrum pellets about 1 hour ago, he ate 3 of maybe 7 pellets. good thing i guess but since then hes been back to the bottom with some food around him (the remaining 4 pellets) that he hasn't sniffed at and doens't do much swimming at all.


the LFS got him in yesterday. Should I be concerned? I checked the water for ammonia, its either at 0 or maybe .10 hard to read. I have a PH hitting the surface for agitation for some oxygen.

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i rinsed that filter and it had a boat load of black stuff coming out and wouldnt stop, assuming it was the carbon maybe?


I hope it can do some work becasue its for temperoary use.

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update on the fish, he is swimming around at the very top corner now better than the bottom but man I hope he changes cuz he is one boring ass fish lmao

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Give him some time. They are a little different than most fish and swim in odd ways.

As long as your water params are good I think he'll be fine. W-

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Yeah I agree, but my last clown, a regular one, was so sactive and acted more of a security guard swimming all over. this guy swims 1 place and 1 place only except when I feed it.

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