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Difficulty feeding Midas Blenny......


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Have had my Midas blenny for over a week now, and he is a real character. He comes out and swims around, and has been eating whenever I give it food, but I notice that within a few minutes he like blows himself up and is kind of sick? spits out chunks of the food I have just given him. He often swims after the food he has expelled, but doesn't always get it. I have tried marine flakes, frozen mysis shrimp and today tried a defrosted chopped up prawn.


I worry he is not eating well enough, don't want him to waste away...


Any ideas people??



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you can try spectrum pellets, 1mm size. soak them in tank water for a few minutes to get them to be fluffy.

Great idea, Kat. I never thought of soaking those things BEFORE putting them into the tank.

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