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Added SPS... Questions about placement


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Grabbed some new frags over the weekend, which struck me to sort of rearrange the placements.


**picture was taken really quick after light had been off for about an hour, so some things are more closed up



For corals I have:


4 zoas

What I believe to be a frogspawn

Pulsating xenia


Green Birdsnest

What I believe to be a some type of Birds of Paradise? It has green polyps.

Candy Coral


I recently got a LEDTRIC Par38 Tri-Color lamp, which looks beautiful and sits about 10" above my rimless edge. However since its purchase, I notice the zoas that seem to not be opening as full as they did with my weaker light. Im wondering if maybe I should either raise the light or move some zoas away from directly under the Par38.


The xenia and gsp are in what I would say to be medium flow. I placed the Birds of Paradise there for now, does anyone have any recommendations on its placement.


I placed the green birdsnest on the top left in an area of pretty low flow.


I placed the candy coral high up.


Originally, my frogspawn occupied the location of the new candy. When I had a weaker light, the coral seemed to expand alot more, and I liked the long tentacle look. Since the new bulb, it has seemed to colored up very well, but does not seem to extend so much. Since I replaced it spot with the candy, I moved it to the sandbed in an area of lower flow for now.


I will get better pics tomorrow after a full day of being under the lights.


Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for changes made to my current setup?


Thanks a lot everyone!



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id say put it in the vally between the two hills you have, just to the left of your filter out. i cant tell if you already have one but you might want to look into a Korilia if you dont have one already

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Ive moved the birdnest directly in the center in an area of a more higher flow, and put the birds of paradise in the top left. The koralia is my next purchase.


If my zoas are somewhat closed, do you think its because they are right under my light?

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Birdsnest need high flow but not a constant high flow. A flow pattern that is easily achieved by a vortech but you can create flow patterns by having the stream from a powerhead bounce from the side of the tank on to the coral.


Zoanthids like moderate to bright light but low flow.


For coral placement, light and flow requirements, live aquaria or a google search is often very helpful.

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