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G'day guys,


I recently attempted my first SW Reef Tank using the 12gal Fluval Edge but after 8 days I decided to shut it down as it simply had too many draw backs. I am now thinking about purchasing a Rimless cube which is 15.75 inch X 15.75 Inch X 15.75 Inch. It comes with a cabinent which has roughly 16 Inch (L) X 16 Inch (W) X 26 Inch (H) of space.


This hobby is very new to me and sumps are even more so as I was planning not to run a sump on the edge and so didn't research it at all.


Just looking for some advice on good sump design. Dimensions, Capacity etc. I would like it to be able to house a protein skimmer (Deltec 9002?), some live rock rubble, macro algae, some room for media like Carbon, RowaPhos, Purigen etc. What plumbing, return pumps will I need. Also need advice on an overflow? Would like to make it as fail safe as possible. Don't want a flood in the event of a power outage.


Help and advice is much appreciated.


Cheers, Joey




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I use a lifereef overflow, guaranteed not to fail.

For the sump, you can have it custom built or use available aquariums from Petco or petsmart that would fit in your cabinet.


You could see if the items you want in the sump would fit the aquarium that is sized for the cabinet and go from there.

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