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It's a little too short to tell right now but I have frags of mille and a monti that both look like that. It would have to grow out to 2"+ to be more identifiable.

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Well it's almost definitely NOT an acro.. I'd say millepora.


Millepora belongs in the genus Acropora, which makes it an acro. Unless, you're referring to the genus millepora, which I'm positive the OP doesn't have. PYA is right, the frag is much to small to make any ID's.

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Fair enough, you got me :P I assumed he was referring to the traditional tort, but I understand his comment now.

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almost six months later and i've manage to get this frag to grow out a little more. is it ID-able now?








my best guess right now is a blue-green tenius?

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i know right? been trying to avoid dosing for the sake of keeping a super low-maintenance tank, but that no longer seems possible, especially i want more sps :closedeyes:


anyways what do you think it is?

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IDK if the growth I see in my tank is normal. I've been dosing with BRS dosers only for a few months, before that my ALK and Calc swings were substantial so the tank did not see much in the way of stability.


Sept 2012



Jan 2013



Oct 2012



See Jan picture above for same coral


Oct 2012



Nov 2012


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Don't kill me It'S an ACROPORA! :lol:


okay okay. I can;t tell even now to be honest, could be a millie, could be a tenuis. It's still just too stubby to tell.

Looks more tenuis-y to me. :P

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