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ID please: small fuzzy circle on LR


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What is this? If you look at the picture there are 2 right next to eachother. And i got another bigger one growing somewhere else, right under the light.

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Honestly OP, you might want to draw arrows or circle it or zoom in.


If you mean something that looks like the pic below, showing skeleton with transparent tentacles, it is a hidden cup coral. Safe.



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ok i replaced the picture and circled the area where it is growing. Best picture i could get with the iphone close up.

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+1 To kat, however yours look dead ATM. They can regenerate though. Watch for flesh and feed filter feeder food while it's growing. You should feed it meaty foods as it is an nps, but I have found feeding or not feeding, they thrive either way.

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yeah i thought that they were dead. but it seems it got a bit more defined since when i first saw it, so i think it might be regenerating. awesome possum. my first HH coral i guess.

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