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How many tanks do you have in your house


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just curious to see how many tanks everyone has up and running in their houses? i want to set up another tank but i dont wanna go overboard lol...so far i have a 90 and 2 biocubes

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Four. The ones in my signature except for the Cichlids, they're at a friends house from when I moved to a small apartment and she offered to take them. I haven't gotten them back yet, even though we both still call it my tank.


The 180 and 55 are in what should be the dining room, the nano is in the bedroom, and the 37 is in my office.

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i have a 90 mixed reef in the dining room a 29 biocube in the man cave lol and also a 29 biocube in the living room in a corner...thinking of setting up a 34 solana in the dining room or replacing the biocube in the living room with the solana


my wife is gone for the weekend with my son so i figure i would set everything up this weekend


wow alot of replys well i think setting up another tank in the dining room isnt a bad idea...the wife has learned over time to just accept my saltwater obsession

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5 in use


how do u feel about maintaining 5 tanks?


Only the one below but I'm planning a ~100g FOWLR for mean fishes.


im dieing for a predator tank!


34g solana

75g aga with mega overflow


my 34 solana just came in about an hour ago

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how do u feel about maintaining 5 tanks?



Exhausted :) i got into nano as i wanted less work and less cost from my 180.... That would have worked had I not gone from 2 to 5 .... 5gallon per tank water change a week plus having to test all 5 gets to be a chore but im happy with the results for now... might try and go with 1 bigger tank at some point maybe a 60g .... but that's later

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Too many.


112 gallon mixed reef

90 gallon ceph tank currently home to an octopus prior to him dwarf cuttlefish

30 gallon frag tank with 15 gallon mangrove tank plumbed in

2 gallon desktop pico.


These are fine, but I also have a 120 gallon turtle tank. The turtles I've had one for close to 20 years, I keep wanting to give them away but never go through. They aren't much of a burden as care is nothing compared to a reef, but I really have no desire to keep them. I have a feeling if I offered them for free or near free someone would just take the 120g tank and accessories and ditch the turtles. Of course if I could give the turtles to someone who already has a tank I could finally get a fish only :)

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