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14g rimless cube


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Tank: Deep Blue 15 starphire rimless tank

Stand: Custom

Lighting: Current Usa 150w MH hanging pendant w/ Phoenix 14k bulb. 3 Blue LED Moonlights.

Flow: Vortech MP10

Refugium: Chaeto, live rock rubble

Live rock: roughly 20lbs

Sand: 20lbs



Pair of Onyx Perculas

Still debating one more small fish! (soon)


Corals / Invertebrates

Peppermint Shrimp

Neon Green Bubble Anemone

Tyree Sunset

Digatata Montipora

Sun Coral





Purple Zoas

Green Zoas

Eagle Eye Zoas

Blue Zoa's

Yellow Toadstool

Green Toadstool

Red Monti Cap

Brown Monti Cap

Turquoise Mushrooms

Green Blastomussa

Purple Montipora

Green Acropora

ORA Green Birdsnest


Thanks for looking!


Current FTS:








Week One FTS:


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I set it up today... still need to landscape/arrange corals. I also do not have the disco ball light hooked up- just a temporary viper. Let me know what you think!


Here is a teaser picture:




I will have more (better) pictures in a few days when everything settles!

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Everything was moved around all day, so be nice if the corals look a bit stressed. Please give me any suggestions or criticisms! Thanks for looking!








Side Shot:



More FTS:





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I added a juvenile pair of onyx clowns and an anemone today. They are doing great. The anemone moved off to the side a bit, I am hoping it is just adjusting to the more powerful light.


Here is a quick video I made. Sorry for the blur, I need a macro lens for my dslr. I am going to borrow my friends camera and actually spend time editing a new video soon.


Let me know what you think!



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Awesome vid. Love your scape..


Thank you! I can't wait to borrow a new camera so I can get some better video's together.


Update: The anemone moved to the other side of the tank but hasn't moved since. It seems to be doing well.


I added a jar of DT's copepods to the tank, I am hoping to populate it further.


Also, the clowns are fighting quite a bit over the anemone, but I am hoping the one that is 2 months older will start to dominate and become the woman of the tank. They are both little porkers and are already starting to get some darker coloring on their back's and sides. I can't wait for more black to show up.


I will post some new pictures sometime this week to mark some more progress. Things are growing like crazy.

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Super-clean tank!! I really like the light too.


Appreciate it! Us southern reefers need to stick together :)




just one question....

why is there a flying saucer over your reef tank?.... :huh:


Thanks! I like to think of it as a disco ball.... but the saucer works too!

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This I like. Good job.


Any plans for other SPS?


I plan on adding some more zoa's (of some unique colors) and some more SPS on top. Probably some blue millie, and one or two other branching corals. I am trying to add some more color in there.

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Things I have learned so far:


DO not buy fish from stores that do not take care of their fish. It will only pollute your current healthy inhabitants or you risk wasting money on a fish that will not survive the stress of moving.


Mandarins are not meant for small tanks. It doesn't matter if it eats frozen food or has 1,000 copepods a day... they always want more and go around the tank infinitely until they find every last one. In a tank this small, it is very unhealthy for the fish to be confined. I of course heard this from 1,000 people who said only 100g tank or larger, and then the other 1,000 people who said you can do it as long as they eat. From my experience... eating or not.... they are way more happy in a larger tank. Keeping an aquarium is certainly not a natural phenomenon in nature, but if you can replicate the fish and corals environment the best as possible, it can mean a long life and happy fish (and happy owner). If you try to defy nature, it will ALWAYS come back to haunt you. Please try to consider this in your tank (sorry for being preachy, this is just the kind of post I used to ignore, before learning the hard way).


Another debate that had me going for a while... people said you can't have a 150w metal halide on a smaller tank. Not true. You just need the tank to be open top, and have a small fan to keep the heat from sitting on top of it. My tank went from a fluctuation of 76-82 before the fan, and at a steady 79 after it.


I also recommend always going bigger than you need. My 50w heater took a long time to heat up my tank, and on cold nights... not a good thing. I since bought a 100w- keeps my tank effortlessly at exactly 79.




I hope to share some more of my experience as I learn!

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