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UVL PC-R Lighting in Biocube 14


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Well, I suck and didn't research enough during the first purchase.... and another $40 down the road I finally have the lighting I like.


Pic 1 - Stock biocube lighting

Pic 2 - 15 Jan replaced with an Actinic White and Dual Actinic. This combination is definitely brighter than stock, and I actually did notice that the corals were responding happily. The only downside is that the Actinic White, is actually a pinkish white and it added a really warm look to the tank. The light reflecting off of my floor was a light pink and the ambient light emitted throughout the room had a pinkish hue. I did not like this, because I'm fond of the look of a crisp, blueish reef tank.

Pic 3 - Took out Actinic White and replaced with the Combo bulb. Without customizing the lighting (just replacing the bulbs) this is by FAR the best thing you can do to my knowledge and I am extremely pleased. This combination of bulbs really showed off the flourescent greens and what not of the corals. The 1 strip of Actinic white (pink) still added a good amount of 'white' light, while bringing out the pinks and warmer hues of certain colors. It is not overwhelmingly blue either. The ambient lighting is a light, crisp blue, and I love coming into my room with this.


Since adding the PC-Rs 2 weeks ago, I HAVE noticed growth in my corals as you can see below (besides the frogspawn which is deceiving, one of the heads was splitting and the polyps never really extended like the used to/do now). I know some have questioned how good these bulbs are and I can attest that they are a spectacular purchase if you don't want to tear apart your setup to toss LEDs in... or deal with increased heat and evaporation with metal halides. Again, definitely more growth as you can see... and the color is awesome.


Note: These pictures are not 100% accurate. Pic 1 I was still dealing with algae that has gone down since the additions, 2 is really close, and pic 3 may seem a little darker than in real life.


I hope this helps out with all future purchases. Any other questions, feel free to ask.




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I like the color of pic 3 the best too. I ordered the actinic white and dual actinic and overall am very happy, but like you've said, I would prefer a more blue color than that combo gives

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Dude, PC-Rs are so awesome!! I have 3 (2 actinic whites, 1 dual actinic) and after looking at your pics I'm thinking perhaps I should replace an actinic white with a combo. I like the look now, but it's a little....pinkish..


Did it come stock with 2 bulbs?


BTW the 'scape is really awesome

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Just saw your other update. You have steered this reef into clarity and low algae it looks very clean. corals look happy, I can't see the algae anymore it looks perfect

nice job in keeping substrate clean it all looks balanced to me.

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Good thread and I like the pictures for comparison. I noticed that Nano Tuners no longer have the 24w combo bulbs for sale. I'm kind of bummed now because I liked that color blend in your 3rd picture the best.

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They will be back in stock soon. Just waiting to hear back from UVL on availability.

Bump. I was really interested in the blue/combo for my bc14.

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I am looking to add these to my tank as well..would it be ok to go with two combo bulbs? I found them at this site since nano tuner is no longer selling to the public.




Let me know any advice I need to know which combo is the best since I am still a noob.



What size tank do you have? I believe those you linked to are too big for our tanks. I have a BC29 and I use the 36 watt ones.


If you will check this out, InTank should be getting them in soon!



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Received in today, hopefully on the site tomorrow.

Got in all the options for the 18W, 24W but the 36W are the ones that have to be made and had a lead time. Think I only got some of the 12ks in.

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no wais you got them in from uvl? #### nanocustoms, a sad sap story every few months. let me throw you some monies stan smith. Ive been waiting a long time (as soon as you get in some 50/50 24w bulbs)

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no wais you got them in from uvl?


Yep, evil capitalist business man called them direct


let me throw you some monies stan smith.




(as soon as you get in some 50/50 24w bulbs)


Those are in, on the site ASAP

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What would you get if you were going to replace the Bio cube lights with the PC-R lights, which combo.. Would you get the 50/50 lights or just get one all white and one all actinic?

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Thanks Kaneda215! Your research and post saved me time and money! I replaced my bulbs with the same combination you ended up using- one combo / one actinic pc-r's.... LOOKS GREAT! I was using the standard UVL bulbs before and I agree with you- the white was very pink, now it's crisp white/blue and brighter.

Thanks again for the post and pics! Doug.

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