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Cultivated Reef

I have been stumped ...


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I know that sometimes in my retail saltwater displays the salinity can drop to a SG of 1.012 if I don't add salt regularly, as I take water out when bagging fish the ATO just adds RO water and it lowers the salinity, so I have to add about 3 cups of salt a week to my 600 gal system. So I know the saltwater fish can handle it. Also they have Guppies, platies and goldfish that can all handle brackish water, so I think it would work if you gradually lowered the salinity of the Marine Fish and Gradually Raised the salinity of the Fresh.



or some magical chemical.

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That article is poorly written, by the way. So it is saltwater? I'm still confused. :unsure:


Everything by them is. Have you seen any of their articled on SW fish? :o

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The more I learn about it the more I think it's f'd up.


Ummm... :unsure:



:welcome: to Nano-Reef!




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"According to Yuichiro Miyauchi, GEX staff, the key of this unification technology between fish with different habitats was the marine treatment developed by Yamamoto Toshimasa, lecture of Okayama University of Science Specialized Training College. The product was in white powder form which can increase the electrolyte level in freshwater. Electrolyte is a substance that is easily composed to ions. One of the well-known electrolyte bonding is NaCl or salt.


Miyauchi was not willing to reveal how the powder worked. But, when Trubus tasted the oxygenated aquarium water through aerator, it was rather salty or brackish. The another revealed data was the effect of giving the marine treatment embodied in a piece of paper and taped to the side of the aquarium. There was a writing : white powder, two mineral elements in one box, pH 7,2 - 7,6, salinity 7 - 9 ppm, temperature 25oC, and non-toxic. The aquarium was only installed with chiller and biologic filter, there was no protein skimmer in it. That's why, Takehito Morimoto, the other staff, said that the water must be changed every two weeks.


Trubus also found that the unification of saltwater and freshwater fish was not the first time in Aquarama Exhibition. It was known from patent files issued by U. S. Government with patent number 3683855 in 1971 to Tronic Product Inc from New Jersey. There were described the steps about how to manufacture a solution that will enable fish from different habitats live comfortably in one aquarium."

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It is kinda cool, but the more I think about it the more I think Freshwater and Saltwater should stay separate.


But I still would like to see this...

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