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May 2010 - Uhuru

Christopher Marks

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Christopher Marks

For May we're featuring Uhuru and his 20 gallon nano reef!




Click the picture above to check out his reef profile! You can find Uhuru's tank journal here in our Members Aquariums forum. Feel free to post any comments or questions you may have for Uhuru, and he'll try his best to answer them.

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Absolutely stunning. I too, am very interested in NPS corals, but have been hesitant to take the full on plunge with a dedicated tank. Its success stories like this that really encourage the rest of us to step up. Congratulations on your recognition for a truly inspiring tank.

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What a great tank.

I do not know much about NPS. It must be way more difficult than PS. Do they actually grow for example Diodogorgia? I am just curious.

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Thank you everyone I am so honored to be among the featured tanks on N-R. It is truly rewarding to have your hard work and dedication recognized by your peers.


parishilton - I do consider it more difficult than photosynthetic tanks. Certain corals, such as Dendrophyllia spp. and Rhizotrochus typus can easily be kept in mixed reefs, but the gorgonians have special requirements as do the softies.


The gorgonians can and do grow in my tank. In cases of injury or damage to tissue, the new growth is often very fast - even faster than SPS. In cases of normal, healthy growth, the rate tends to be slower than you see in photosynthetic tanks and understandably so.


Here you can see my Diodogorgia encrusting over its epoxy plug and onto the rock. I will try to take a more recent picture soon so you can see how much it has grown since then.



Here you can see I cut my Dendronephthya from the base and attached it to a new rock with fishing line. It grew these new roots in a matter of days in order to attach to the new rock.



And here it is attached to the new rock:


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Love that tank. Man it looks like a lot of work. Feeding 10 times a day? Clearly it works for those but I think I'd kill them all in a week.

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Congratulations! It's good to see a NPS-dominant tank full of healthy livestock be part of the NR TOTM list.

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Congrats Uhuru! I love your tank, I think it would be awesome to stare at it and have your eyes go blind at the brightness of it lol.


Do you have a link to th 180g you were talking about?

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