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Argent's Back From The Dead 90,850cc Reef Tank of Wonder


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Well I suppose technically I never left (the hobby) my 8G BC has been pretty stress free for about 2 years now - but I have since moved in to a house and started to get the itchy sensation in my drawers which can only be satisfied by working on a reef tank (or maybe I just need some Gold Bond - anyway...)


So I now give to you a brief glimpse of what I am about to embark upon!






a 24 gal Aquapod with a 70W HQI SunPod, extra new bulb, extra new Ballast, extra new return pump, a sturdy 2x4 stand, and a HOB skimmer filter UV light (ViaAqua Multi-Skimmer Deluxe w/ 5W UV Sterilizer)


I have no idea what that last bit about a HOB skimmer is but it's probably useful




Move everything over from my 8G BC to this (pair of black clowns, orange spotted goby, misc coral, oh and of course NATASHA! - yes my Mantis shrimp of fame and fortune is still sneaking about my rock work - she's still about the same size and last I saw her - tomato orange in color)


Of course this means I'll need more tahitian moon sand and swanky cool LR but I'll worry about that down the road (as well as how I'm going to get 25G's of saltwater to fill the tank with)

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Well the tank is in my possession now :) I'm pretty excited - but I haven't a clue how the HOB skimmer/filter thingy works - I also have someone who might give me a 75:25 mix of tahitian moon/fiji pink sand free (as much as I need because he's taking down the tank) which should help make short work of my cycle.


The lights seems pretty nice - I put it over my 8G BC to see how the light looks different - pretty impressive


next up - to set it up and test for leaks in the basement before plotting my tank swap

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I forgot how impatient NR can be :P


this tank probably won't be up and running before the end of the year due to the shoestring budget I'm trying to work with (and juggle Christmas present spending too)


I'll see if I can get some more/better shots of the system today and hopefully start getting it setup for leak testing

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gotta get some rock first - I do have another 20# bag of tahitian moon sand (and will seed the tank with all the sand from my BC8)


Love the statue in there, lol

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Thanks - I can't take credit for that idea though - I got it from travisurfer :)


I'm aiming for christmas weekend to do the change over

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The update most of you have been waiting for....




20G of saltwater and 7 new frags!


hopefully this weekend I'll have some time to swap the new system for the old one :)

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Progress Update:


Tank in place



Tank with 15G of water in it and waiting for the temp to raise to 70+ degrees before I can continue


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Thanks to some friends on a local reefing forum who helped talk me through some stressful bits yesterday I managed to get the tank finally up to a temperature I could feel safe introducing my frags and fish to...


Note my 1G Ziploc bag filled with HOT water floating in the tank to help increase tank temps from 60-75 degrees




Obviously rock placement is not final - I need more and I just wanted to get everything in the tank

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