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dsn112's 12 CAD w LEDS New Pics


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FTS 12-27-09



Best pic so far



Hey guys, here is my new nano. I got the cad 12g with stock lighting. I am running the system with a Reefkeeper lite, vortech mp10, reef fanatic ato, and an ebo jaeger 50w heater.


I couldn't find a stand anywhere so I bought a 15x15x30 kitchen cabinet in cherry, added some feet to raise it a bit more, then added a 18x18 plywood top, and covered it with an 18x18 ceramic tile. Then I finished it off with some black trim. It came out good and cost me less than any of the junk I could have bought.


Here are the preliminary pics. I ordered 15lbs of live sand from premium aquatics and must say, this stuff is awesome, found some nassarius snails in it. They say they cure it in there live rock tanks for months before they sell it. I had bought my live rock a few weeks back and have been curing in a container with some powerheads since.


Here are the shots.






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will do, i like to have my setup running the way I like before I add anything, that way if something doesn't work right, I can fix it and it wont harm anything. I will be adding a few rics and frags soon.

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Nice setup, you did a really nice job on the stand as well!

How do you like the MP10 so far, i have heard of people complaining about it being too noisy. Any thoughts?

What is your setup in the back chambers?

How deep of a bed was produced from the 15 lbs of sand?

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Yay, another CADLights12g :) Looks like a good start.


I've been running the same system for over a year, completely stock plus a Hydor oscillator. I like using a secondary heater set just a few degrees lower just in case the primary fails.



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I absolutely love the stand!


I noticed in the Cadlights Owners thread you said you were waiting on a friend to make a stand for you. Was it made by that person or did you do it? I'd like a little DIY if you have the time. This would be perfect to make one for my Cadlights 12G that comes in later this week.



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Here is a quick update before tomorrow when I add my LED unit and take some photos with a better camera.


I re-aquascaped a few times since I started this tank as usual and have added a few zoas, a frogspawn, some rics and a green birdsnest. I have a black occelaris clown and a tailspot blenny. Various snails no hermits.


I have a ton of chaeto in the fuge and am using the jbj led fuge light.


Here are some iphone pics.







Its not the prettiest, but it will get the job done, its bright as hell, and the color control is sick!




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Thanks guys! Nem when you coming over to take the frag?


Yeah, ill shoot you a pm, we can arrange a time i can either stop by or we can meet up somewhere.

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Stopped by dsn112's house today, just wanted to say the tank looks great. Really clean!

LED's look awesome, great color range and shimmer!


Pictures really dont do it justice!

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Where are these pictures.. You're killing me smalls!


Im trying, i can't get a damn picture that looks good. Anyone know how to take pics with leds?


Here are a few to hold you over while i figure this out.






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Im trying, i can't get a damn picture that looks good. Anyone know how to take pics with leds?


I feel your pain.

What kind of camera are you using?

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Pumps off (obviously), and use a white balance setting like "shade", "flash", etc... Anything low light. The royal blue LEDs make life hard. You may need to tweak the white balance in Photoshop or similar afterwards to get the colors correct.

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I feel your pain.

What kind of camera are you using?



Take your pick, I have a canon point and shoot, an olympus underwater camera point and shoot and a Nikon D40


Im not a photographer by any-means and suck with photoshop elements.

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So after looking at my latest pics it still looks funny to me, what do you think. Leds are awesome but photographing a tank with leds is tough

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