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Joeygo 40 Breeder


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Absolutely beautiful....


Thanks for the kind words.

Might not look so great in a month or two when I decide to do a rescape. :o

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Stunning !!! My 40B is just a month or so old so I can only aspire to have it look as awesome!


I checked out your thread. What a great start. I'm digging the rockwork.

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Very nice and I like the cement top for the cabinet.


Thanks, I wanted to do concrete countertops in my kitchen, but never did. Just used what I learned for the tank. You would be surprised how easy it was.

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congrats on TOTM. really beautiful tank.



Thank you.


Looks like I joined the club you were already a member of (TOTM club) Thanks again.

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looks great man! like how you have such an amazing tank but have kept it simple in terms of equipment and sump setup. Well done!


thats considered simple?


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