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I finally had to remove both of my BTAs. After 6 months they were getting to big. I'm also committing to some coral placement and attaching them to my rocks.

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Wow! why haven't I seen this thread :unsure:



It's just one of those threads that get pushed to the back sometimes. If you don't post on it .

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That stand is kick ass!!



Thanks --- I put a lot of thought into it. I wanted to be able to pull my sump to clean it and access everything else

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Vivid blue Turaki. And that is a lousy picture. It is very nice in person. My favorite :D

Here it is ont the right



a close up


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very nice SPS!!

that's funny that the clown and gramma hang out together :lol:

royal grammas are one of my favorite reef fish...so purdy

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Do you know where I could get that Turaki online?

And if you don't mind me asking. How much are they?


You mean somthing like this?



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I guess I should update my thread every now & then :lol: For those of you asking for pictures here you go.










Thanks for looking.

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wow, grown in very nicely. how much calc do you go through? looks like your tank would eat up a dosings worth in half a day. still have the royal gramma and clown? what bulbs are you running now?

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