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Marioreef's custom shallow nano


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Thanks guys! I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement.


I’ve always wanted a shallow tank with a nice “top-down” viewing angle. As far as my plans are concerned, I’m going to add a built-in sump behind a false wall. I prefer not to see any tank equipment in the display area.


Later this evening, I’m going to fill it up for her maiden water test and snap some photos of it (without the packaging).

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Here she is filled up with water and enjoying an ice-cold beer for "good measure".





Who drinks Brava u have to drink Bud Light or Budwieser.:P

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LOL!!! That's not my beer....it's the tank's!

Well give your tank a Bud Light. It will be a million times more happy and more likely to mature faster.

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That tank is sweet. You could do a nice mixture of palys and acans in there and have a sick array of colors.

Touche also you could keep clams and non-photosynthetic corals because they would be easy to target feed in that tank.

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Thanks to everyone for your kind words and encouragement!


I’m planning on keeping the most colorful palys/zoos that I can find. Acan’s are a definite possibility! You can bet that I’ll have very small clam or two in there.


Hopefully, this weekend, I’ll get the chance to install the false wall/built-in sump into the actual tank. Once done, I’ll post some pics.

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maybe I missed it but what type of light are you going to use?


I'm going to use a PFO Lighting MH pendant with a 175W - 20K XM bulb. That's what I use over my current 10 gallon tank (see my avatar). This new tank won't even amount to 8 gallons. I think that light should be enough....I hope!

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cant wait to see it in action!

give us a hint of your equipment lineup PLEASE


Nothing High-Tech or even Low-Tech. I’m going to use the same route as my current tank……NO-TECH!


Just strong lighting, strong water movement, a bag of Chemi-Pure and weekly (and if I feeling lazy, semi-weekly) water changes.


That’s it! I'm too broke to afford something a little nicer and more hands-off.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who does work on a new aquarium using the washing machine. ;)


LOL...That's very funny.


I only use the top of the washing machine (don't ask why) for taking the pictures!



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Militant Jurist

I'm getting an old workbench soon from my grandpa (who used to be a professional woodworker). Once I get that, I won't have to use the washer and dryer anymore!

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