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my 2! Year old Bio-Cube (with video! updated 11/5/09)


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Biocube 29

CPR Skimmer

Koralia 1

MJ1200 mod

First chamber converted into a fuge w/ a pico corallife 12w light

150w Sunpod with Helios 20k bulb



1 HUGE nass snail

3 small nass snails

12 assorted snails

9 regular hermits

1 giant halloween hermit

1 lettuce nudi

100s of tiny brittle stars

20+ feather dusters



1 Pink Pseudochromies

2 Ocellaris Clown FIsh

3 schooling Bangaii Cardinals

1 tiger pistol shrimp

1 Cleaner Shrimp






1 Flower Nem

15+ stalks of Pom Pom Xenia

5 Nuclear Green Palys

10+ aog look-a-likes

1 pink/blue Yuma

8 head green with brown skirt zoas

1 purple/green fuzzy mushroom

3 heads blue zoa

25+ Eagle Eyes

4 red palys

3 fuzzy green mushrooms

5 blue mushrooms

8 head gorilla nipples

3 heads lobo

7 head dendro

1 head hammer

8 heads forgspawn

1 crocea clam

4 acans in recovery

1 head of branching acro

1 fungia plate coral

misc hitchhiker zoas


My tank has gone up and down over the past year, including one of the power adapters following into the tank and nuking it. ive learned so much and fallen in love with reef keeping. ive even brought a few people into the hobby


This forum has made my tank what it is....so thank you all for making my little piece of the ocean what it is


heres pics, ill update often, ask any questions you want!





























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no actually, ive seen the cleaner shrimp work on the pseudo 1 time. they started off not too friendly but now all seems well

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is there a thread where you ask to be in the running for tank of the month. always been my dream :wub:

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So clean and beautiful looking!


I have a few questions....

1-What's your favorite fish/coral in your tank?

2-how much growth have you seen in the frogspawn?

3-does the fungia move around a lot?



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thank you so much :)


to answer your questions...


1) my favorite fish in the tank, sadly, is probably my clowns. the second i whip out anything that resembles food they both start doing 360's and dance like crazy. they know the colors of the bag. its so fun. my pseudo is so much like a wrasse is fun, he zooms in and out of the rocks, but i dont get to see his beautiful colors very often.


as far as coral, i really love my pom pom xenia because when the pumps go off they clap in and out really cool, second place would probably be my flower nem. watching it eat is absolutely fascinating


2) i bought my frogspawn with 2-3 heads last year. i feed it along with my anemones with mysis shrimp. it was originally the size of a golf ball maaaaaybe, now its getting close to a softball sized while fully expanded.


3) i havent seen the plate coral ever move. as far as i know they cant. when they are fully retracted they almost look like a coin, and then it pillows out as it extends

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Why sadly? Nemos make you sad?!?!


i always thought xenia was so cool to opening and closing, but everyone just calls it a weed :(

wow, that must be cool to see it inflate!

and that flower nem looks soooo cool!

also, I just noticed those crazy hot pink zoas!!!


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Haha the reason I say that about the clowns is that everyone loves clowns and its uch a trendy answer. But I just can't help it lol


Xenia is freakin awesome, but yes it is a weed. I've had to cut it up and make frags. It grows so much tho that it kind of makes you feel accomplished for such a flourishing colony lol. If your in california I can give you a frag for free.


Ill have to get some vids of the xenia clapping and the flower nem eating.


Oh and welcome to the BC owners club haha :)

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Long time no see man. Glad that you are making a new tank thread for your tank. I was wondering what had happened to it or if it was still up and kicking.


It looks great and it looks like it's come a really long way from your last update. Love all the variety you have in there and the new MH bulb looks great.

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thanks man, your tank is lookin great too, gonna read your updates right now, thanks for stoppin in

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Hey Caps!!


I'd nominate you! The tank is looking really really really really awesome!! your clownfish have an amazing color contrast to the rest of the tank, it's absolutely stunning.


So... now that i've kissed ur butt a little ;) ... you serious about the free xenia frags if you live close by? :D

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That is the rumor ;)


I'm makin frags right now for the peeps that asked. Ill put you on the list for an available frag tho, how's that sound

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