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AGA 16 Gallon Bowfront


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I am still in the beginning phase right now. I currently have an AGA 10 gallon tank with just sand, filtration, water and heater. My LF has the new 16 Gallon Bowfront on sale for $58.00 with the hood/light.


My real questions are...


Anyone using these yet?


I know I will have to swap out the stock lighting. I was thinking an AHA retrofit kit for the existing hood. How much lighting can I expect and will it be enough for the tank?


Any pros/cons in swapping out?





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Well after taking my sample of water to teh lfs to see if my kit was wacked and then coming out with the same results that i got i got a new fish today and moved my anemone from my old tank to the new one. Within 5 minutes the new fish took to the anemone.....and let me tell u I felt like a proud dad and that moment. :*(



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You have a couple of options. What I did was not to take the stock hood. I first used the 2 x 40 Power Compact w/ moonlight that is going to be used in my other nano and started it off with that. Then when the MH came in i switched it out. I didn't even look at the stock hood since this tank is rather deep I knew that nothing i put in there would light the tank enough for the sole reason I wanted a nano and thats to get a clam. So i guess you kinda have to think what your goal as far as livestock is before you decide on the lighting system.



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