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SPS Frag Packs (Columbia, SC 29203) WILL SHIP


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Hey guys, it's time to make some (horizontal) growth room between my SPS colonies... some are starting to touch each other. I'm also trying to stimulate them to grow more vertical. So for the first time, I'm picking up the "bone cutters" and putting my frags up for sale. I will be offering up 3 frag packs total. However since I do not have a set up for propagation, I will use my 20 gallon's right glass wall to use magnetic frag-mounts to get the frags up to shipping condition. This will be done batch by batch (up to three total). I will post when each batch is ready, and identify each frag batch as A, B, and C. I can only do 1 batch at a time, as that is all that my "extra" tank space allows. $150 for each batch + buyer pays for 1-day shipping.




My shipping disclaimer:

1) This will be my first time shipping SPS coral, however, I believe the experience I've had in receiving coral through the mail, and what I have researched (on shipping coral) from very respected shippers here on this forum, has made me confident that I will do a great job getting the frags to you, alive and well.


2) I am not a business, so I can not make the guarantee a business can make (I can not financially "eat" a lost or dead shipment... specifically the shipping aspect). However, if for some reason a frag or frags do not arrive in healthy shape or DOA, I will be more than willing to help you as much as I can, and will attempt to work something out with the buyer. In the end, shipping coral has its risks (which I will assume any buyer understands), but I promise to take every precaution to ensure your coral frags arrive safely.


3) I will only send the corals using a "next day" shipping service. These are SPS corals, and unlike most softies, can only be sent via 1 day shipping. That said, I will only choose a "Signature Required" option, so the buyer must be home at time of delivery. I will only use Fedex or UPS as shippers, buyer's choice. Both Fedex and UPS have the best tracking systems, and therefore will be easy for both the buyer and I to see the status of the shipment.


4) I will use styrofoam insulation, 2 mil. shipping bags, and a heat pack when shipping.



I originally purchased all the types of corals I have up for sale (with the exception of the Blue Tort) from 1-2" frags from a seller on Reef Central. The Blue Tort was purchased @ 2" from a LFS. Each frag, orally, has identified lineage to ORA. So a buyer can claim that each frag is of ORA descent. The reason that is important is because these corals, IME, have been extremely hardy in my aquarium's environment. These are truly aquacultured at least 3 generations deep.


Frag Mounts: Each batch will be epoxy-mounted on magnetic frag-mounts and be given ample amount of time to begin encrusting the mount. The mounting disc itself is only 1.5" and .25" thick. Each has a strong magnet set inside of it, which will be coupled by another small magnet to give the buyer an "on-the-glass" mounting option. The external magnet can be discarded, and the disc can be epoxied to LR, as if it were not magnetic at all. The Delicate coral will not be mounted to a disc as it is extremely hardy and does not require mounting for safe shipping.



For more information on my tank set up, please read my tank thread:




BATCH A: SOLD Batch B coming soon.


Tubs Table - light green body, light pink/purple polyps (1")



Tenuis - blue tips, green polyps (1")



Rose Millepora - rose pink body, rusty polyps (1")



Idaho Grape - purple, a type of montipora cap (1" of coral, but two .5" round pieces)



Blue Tort - coloring is very dependent on lighting, but can be anywhere between dark blue to very bright blue, blue green polyps (1", but with a connected 1" branch)



Delicate Coral (picture shows mother colony) - a very hardy coral with brown body and bright green polyps, but dubbed delicate because can be easily fragged (1")



First PM confirming intent to purchase will have priority, if potential buyer does not follow through with full payment within 3 calendar days (including the originating day of the PM), the batch will be given priority to the following potential buyer that confirms intent to purchase. I will only accept payment via PayPal.

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Awesome frags bud. Glad to see another Carolina reefer on here. I am down in Charleston. Although I might not get frags from you now, I make pretty regular trips up to Cola so maybe I could swing by the next time I'm up that direction.

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Sounds like a plan. I actually still consider myself a Floridian in exile. :) My wife is still going through nursing clinicals at Midlands Tech... once she graduates, we'll immediately make the move back to Jacksonville, FL. :)

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I was just wondering what your fuge is made up of blue. I just ordered your exact tank so i want some ideas. Also did you keep the stock pump in the back or a different one. THanks

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I was just wondering what your fuge is made up of blue. I just ordered your exact tank so i want some ideas. Also did you keep the stock pump in the back or a different one. THanks



Hmmm... I'm not sure if you ordered my exact tank, as mine has been discontinued for quite some time. (20 gallon glass with rounded/bent edges)... but if you've got an M-tank, good for you! :)


My fuge is a Hang On the Back (HOB) CPR Acrylic Refugium; the 2.5 gallon size.

I actually have two stock pumps in there, as I added an additional one, the mod can be seen in my tank thread here: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=93680


If you have anymore questions about my tank and setup help, just ask me in my tank thread, as this is the classifieds. Your questions are welcomed.


Thanks :)

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Hey Blue,I might want some of these for my new 18" cube. Would you let the frags grow/heal for a month longer before you ship?
Well, we could do 1 of two things.. I could try to move this batch to the fuge side glass, or to the back false wall... as I would need the room to make batch B... however, you would still need to buy batch A up front... and I will take care of the frags for you until you are ready for me to ship (up to that month you requested)... Or...This would be the preferred thing to do. You can preorder batch C, and I'll cut it a few weeks before shipping (but after batch B is sold). I would of course need a non-refundable 50% deposit for this option. And the batch would be fully claimed as yours. And the other 50% would be due within 3 days before I ship out. This is the preferred option because I have limited space to propagate the frags. As explained early, 1 batch at a time. I think batch C would be more in your time frame.




Potential buyers:

As a side note, these frags will not be shipped until I think they are ready to be shipped.. mostly indicated by the flesh at the base encrusting the epoxy which is used to mount the frag. That said, Batch A is ready to go.

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PM sent.


If SPS frags are mounted on the side of the tank will they grow straight out from the base or will they turn up toward the light?

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PM sent.


If SPS frags are mounted on the side of the tank will they grow straight out from the base or will they turn up toward the light?



Given long enough, they will grow towards the light, much like a plant reaches for the window indoors.

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Batch A pending sale.


Fourtanks, I have sent you a private message in reply on ground shipping and my paypal address. If you choose to go with ground shipping (as you stated UPS will deliver next day [sC->VA] and understand the risk, I will send batch A to you using that method. To help ensure that it has the best chance possible to make it to you next day, I will make sure it gets to the UPS Store early in the morning.

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Batch A sold!


I will get batch B ready, as soon as I carefully get Batch A ready to ship. Stay tuned for pics.






Nick's Reef - thank you for the compliment. As soon as you decide to upgrade those lights, or go open top with MH pendants, hit me up. I'm sure by then, I'll have more pruning to do.

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Fourtanks, your shipment was dropped off at the UPS store 4:30pm eastern. Quantum view has not updated that yet. Pick up time for shipments is 7pm at that store.


Here are some pictures of your batch being prepared for shipment.


I used the styrofoam float method for all but the delicate coral frag.


These are the styrofoam boats I made. Each one has a partial "donut hole" for where the out magnet goes. Don't worry, the external magnet can get wet and has an epoxy out layer.





The frag of course goes on the other side... the magnets "bond" and wallah!



To be safe, I also wrap a rubber band around the frag mount and styrofoam boat, then in the baggie it goes.



Double bag.



Triple bag, and more styrofoam... box it up.



And lastly a heat pack.


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I received everything yesterday. Great packaging. Everything was in great shape when it got to me. The corals looked just like the pictures. Thanks bluebastian!

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I hope your frags are still doing well.. keep me posted! I'll be fragging batch B tonight! I'll post some pics soon... I've gotta frag a tenuis branch as it's consuming part of the delicate coral neighboring it. Wish me luck!

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Well here's a new shot of my tank to give you guys an idea of the mother colonies these frags are coming from. Please forgive the blueness... it's under a 250w Phoenix 14k MH bulb.



Here is the section I was talking about that has long been needing pruning... this is where the tenuis was consuming the delicate coral it was touching. You can actually see a little algae growing off the string of nutrient rich slime being expelled by the consumed parts of the delicate coral.



After the prune... not too shabby



I got a little frag happy, and ended up pruning some larger sized colonies (tenuis and slimer) along with Batch B.

Batch B Preview



I hope to have Batch B ready to ship in 2 weeks or a little less. I'll put frag specific pics up as soon as they start to encrust. Please stay tuned.

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That's some nice shiz----it's about time someone listed some nice stuff here.


Ever since adin won't let me post here---things have been sliding!!!!!

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Thanks guys for the reassurance, I was afraid I had done something wrong after reading that old resurrected thread. :) Even though I did read the rules prior to the original posting.

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I dunno what that bump was about---


But I am all about non douchebag hobbyist sales!!!! Even though I can't technically be just a hobbyist any more.


Now there are 3 people I know who can sell nice stuff here!! YAY!!

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Oh hey guys---I think that old thread got bumped by Prop because Ol Chupacrapa was going off on one of our sponsors---and then started his ghey "takeover the world with my tub" thread.


Just sayin.

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