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2.5 Gal Custom Pico


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its 10x12x4.5 and its roughly 2.5 but less.



excuse the excess silicone ill clean that up. its has an overflow and a sump area where a micro-jet will be placed just to create flow.








any suggestions please telll! oh and i was wondering for a light would it be best to buy a 50/50 bulb for a desk lamp or go all out with a PC? advice would be great.. im new at this haha



and for stocking it what do you think i could put in it? i was thinking some kind of shrimp and Zoas but im not sure


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The tank looks great.


For the light i would go for PC's, they'll let you keep more.

For socking you could do soft corals (zoos, shrooms, a small leather, xenia) and some lps. but make sure you get small corals so you don't over crowd. In that size tank you could get away with some smaal fish like a neon or clown goby as well as some shrimp.


Good luck,


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Thanks Thunil


Ya i was looking at a Coral Life Mini Aqualight but i could not find mounting legs.

I was looking to put a clown goby but i think i'd feel bad for the fish in a tank this small but i've seen a clown goby in a .75 gallon so im not sure.




any more suggestions would be great

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Ya thats what i hope to do with it




i just water tested it and it had one leak so i had to fix that. another 12 hours of wasted time.




But i need a good lighting source and i dont want to spend money on a PC

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hope your not using acrylic...cuz silicone doesnt stick well on acrylic...


try using weld-on or a plastic welding glue.

if u use weld-on #3 or #4 it looks a lot cleaner but the edges have to be like perfect...but none the less it looks great.

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im using acrylic silicone its meant for like windows and stuff and is waterproof. its called Lexan Sealant and it works good but i had air pockets that didnt seal.

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I think what he means is silicone doesn't hold acrylic or pexiglass well, what your tank panels are made of. Weld on melts the acrylic sheets and creates a very strong bond. If your tank is made out of glass disregard this.

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well i am using acrylic but this is a silicone which is said to bond to acrylic very well and so far has.




but for my next project i already have a can weld-on 3




but i need suggestions for lighting and stocking

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I have an Elite Mini Powerhead and it works great for me! Im using it in my 1G but the flow is turned all the way down and the flow is adjustable. Also, its only $11 at Petco!


This tank is so cool. I was thinking about making a really long shallow tank.

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lol. :D


I think it looks great. Do you have any idea what you are going to do lighting wise? How much are you willing to spend?

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well more updated pics




added a small rim on left and right sides for support..



the acrylic is used was a little on the thin side....3/32 but i like it


well i was planning on using a Desktop Lamp with a coral-life 50/50 bulb but i was willing to spend like $40 and under <_<


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Looking good!


Would you change any of the demensions if you did it again? Is it high enough? Just wondering so I can make my plans for a tank.


Is it 12in across the front?


Give me a couple minutes and I will look up some light fixtures.

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actually when i do this again..*ahem* next week, im going to have the same height at 4 1/2 but instead of 10 x12 im gonna make it 12x14 so it has a more top view petting zoo look lol



but we have even cooler plans...but i cant tell you plan jackers :lol:

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Ok heres some different options:


14" 32w SmartPaq Retrofit


^You might need to make the tank a little longer for it to fit, and also make a hood.


12" Aqualight 2-18W


12in Single Satellite Compact Fluorescent Fixtures


Or I think that getting 2 of these would give you a really good view from the top and the sides:

Galaxy Compact Fluorescent Lights


Hope this helps!


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