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Orange Ricordia Gallery


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Hehe, that was a joke. :)

The only children I have are my puppy and numerous fish.

The thought of having children right now makes me shiver!

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I happen to like these. HUGE polyps too.




Though it's not orange there's a lot to be said for these ones as well.



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i like those blues and the mixed blues especially!


X) now i haveta go get some of those too! damn you jp, damn you! first, with the clams now with the rics. i'll be getting the clams after i finish my reactor and now i gotta make room for these rics. X)

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huge polyps?? 3" fully expended..

sorry..not orange..but i like this better...Gil/... you need to come by to take some macros of these guys..they are awesome

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Keep posting.. It seems every time I do a search when I am looking for some answers, your posts are always there and have provided some great info.


Heres a orange I bought today. Actually in the tank for only 2 hours. I love the colors.


Keep posting.



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