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Coral Vue Hydros
  • Lunchbucket

    Christopher Marks

    Congratulations to Lunchbucket for earning the Nano-Reef.com tank of the month honors for Febuary 2004! His 20 Gallon SPS Dominated Reef has displayed that it is in fact very possible to keep an amazing amount of SPS (Hard Corals) in a Nano Reef Environment. This tank is an inspiration to our hobby and a great example of pushing the limits of Nano Reefing itself.

    20 Gallon High Aquarium / Reef Ready

    Click photo to view Lunchbucket's Nano Reef


    Overkill...I think NOT!

    I would like that thank everyone at NR.com and especially Chris Marks for this honor. Chris you have really made a name for yourself and you have brought up a great site w/ wonderful information. You have helped so many...including yours truly and I would like to thank you...this honor is YOURS...you helped mold me into what I am today and what my tank is today. Without you and NR.com this wouldn't be possible!


    Current Tank Specs:

    • 20H tank RR
    • Closed loop in back wall w/ mag 700 pump on an SCWD
    • 10gak AGA sump drilled for a kent float
    • 400w MH: 20k XM bulb (from www.hellolights.com)
    • 9 and 13w PC actinic 03 for dawn/dusk viewing
    • Euro-Reef ES5-2 protein skimmer
    • 100w Ebo Jager heater
    • Mag 950 return pump (also feeding the ca reactor)
    • MRC custom reactor: Both chambers 4.5” (www.myreefcreations.com)
    • Pacific Coast 1/10 HP chiller (fed by maxi 1200)
    • Dual temp controller: Controlling the heater and a set up fans as heat control backup

    A little history...

    Don’t know if any of you remember me...well some of the “original crew” from NR.com might. I used to frequent the board a lot after tearing down my 55gal tank to make a 10gal nano to make my college moving easier. Well got into the 10gal and had great help from many people at NR.com but I wanted MORE. I started “challenging” the current thoughts and practices of nano’s and some say I “pioneered” some things for nanos. I always dreamed of an SPS dominate tank and I wanted SPS in a nano....but more nano lighting isn’t appropriate for SPS...thus I started experimenting w/ MH’s, current, skimmers, ca reactors...it just got crazy.

    More words from Lunchbucket...

    I am not big into classifying corals. I really could care less what their names are as long as I can care for them in an optimal way....so if my stock list seems vague you know why. I haven’t counted “different” corals for a LONG time but if I had to take a guess I would say there are 30+ unique corals in there.



    • 2 false clowns
    • 6 line wrasse
    • 1 Peppermint Shrimp
    • A number of Blue and Red Hermits
    • A number of snails (mostly Astrea and Mexican turbo)
    • Crocea clam


    Many many many SPS some identified and some not
    Purple digitata
    Orange digitata
    Green digitata
    Many many many SPS some identified and some not
    2 closed brains (although I believe one isn’t a favaties or favia it is something different)
    Some hitchhicker mushrooms I would like to NUKE!!!


    Coral Placement Issues...

    I am not one to segregate corals. After all w/ this many getting so large in such a small area I can’t control a lot of the “coral wars” I let most of them fight it out UNLESS one is being totally blasted or one of my favorites is getting picked on. I need to get a bigger tank or start MAJOR fragging sessions though...just not enough room!! What a dilemma huh??


    Some Inhabitant Photos



    Maintanence, Feeding, and Supplements Routine

    I don’t have to do much since a lot of my tank is automated.

    Normal Maintanence
    Feed once per day homemade food
    Fill top off resevoir daily
    Clean the glass every 2-3 days
    Clean skimmer cup about 2times/wk
    Check alkalinity about 1 time per week

    I need to trim up the algae growth more than I do, but I slack on that. I have some macro that grows in the tank just because it was in there. I don’t have excess nutrients it is just a PITA to get rid of.

    Supplements...JUNK JUNK JUNK...unless it is for Alkalinity and Calcium. Otherwise it is best in the garbage can and NOT in your tank...That is my opinion on Supplements. My monthy water changes and constantly running Calcium Reactor feed may tank ALL it needs.


    Some More Inhabitant Photos





    Even More Inhabitant Photos



    Final Thoughts...

    Thank you again to everyone here at Nano-Reef.com and Chris Marks for giving me this opportunity. If you guys/gals have questions on my set up, livestock, want to trade or buy some corals, or just want to shoot the...well you get the picture just email me at happy5869@yahoo.com.


    Thanks again,
    Eric aka Lunchbucket


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