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My tank picture


having this tank for a few month already.

3 footer tank .

3 x 1.5 x 1.5 feet

Comments please

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Looks nice. I love the aquascaping. The onyx perc. makes me jealous. The fact that you can keep tans and I can't makes me extremely jealous, too. ;)

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haha it is because i have a 3 footer tank.

it makes about maybe 40+ gallons.( if i am not wrong)

if the tank is too small, tangs have a difficult swimming routine.

so better to have a bigger tank for tangs

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... 40+ gallons? because your tank is 3 foot long you think its good enough for two tangs?

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hahah better than a 10 gallon tank i think. anyway the yellow tang is there only for a while. its my friends. So Wobach, r u a tang police? haha. inexperience you think i am? i have been keeping marine for 7 years. haha. this is my third tank since.

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Ya Wobach, what are you critisizing him for!? I've been doing reefs for years too, and I kill tangs in my fishbowl. In my experience if you have anything smaller than a fishbowl it really disrupts their swimming patterns. Definitely don't put them in a glass, but a fishbowl is fine.


3ft tank is too short. I have a 55 and was holding a pretty small blue tang for a friend, that thing needed a tank longer than mine the way it darted back and forth.

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nice tank, hits 50.5 gallons to be exact. And I'm not the tang police so no need to comment

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thats a goniopora jafoca. the goniopora has been there for about a year. anyway, small tank is definitely not sufficient for tangs. but if you give a good care of it. it will last. anyway they shit alot and this will cause PO4 rising. so beware. haha.

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Uh, yeah, chuck... I'm reeeeeeeal sure you're awesome at reefkeeping. Becuase from your posts, I really get a sense of experience. The multiple tangs in a small tank, the goniopora, I mean wow! You do it all.

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