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nano 8 months


work in progress

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Stark Observer


What size tank is this and what do you have lighting it? Looks really good...

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I'm also wondering about size and lighting. Especially w/ shrooms all over and even up high... Yet a clam in the sand... :P Looks nice, though. I like the firefish.

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25 gallon with 65 watt 10000 k and 65 watt actinic, (deleuxe dual linear strip lunar aqualight(coralife)

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i have an ehiem and a magnum running.. and yes you can keep a crocea clam under theses lights, i have been doing so for a year and hes very happy. I keep my calcium at 420-440ppm and feed good phyto.

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I doubt your clam enjoys such low lighting, but you must know better. Maybe you can read the clams mind. Maybe your a clam psychic. That lighting is hardly enough for that torch, let alone the clam. Youre pretty irresponsible.

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Thanks nuhtty for your words of wisdom, maybe next time you could be a little less condescending. Obviously my light intensity is sufficient because the torch is growing very well and developing new branches, but i guess you would know, after all, your a torch phychic...

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You know, I agree with you reeder79 - if you've had success keeping the clam under those lights - well then good for you. I suspect that the nuhtty is just jealous because his lights haven't been as bright as yours... Your tank looks great - I think you should be very proud of what you've done in a relatively short period of time.

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