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Tidepool pico


Here's my plan for simulating tidal cycles in my 2.5 pico: That green thing is a sprinkler timer which I'll wire to an AC converter, and when activated by a timer, will open up the valve. This should bypass the smaller drain up top, lowering the tide to the bottom drain. This will happen every six hours, giving me 2 low and 2 high tides a day. I'll keep all sorts of macro... maybe some fiddlers... echinoderms...



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That would work great! 1 suggestion: Make sure that you slow down how fast the water drains during low tide so that it can simulate the slow changes... It will be awesome, no matter what. :) Great idea.

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Yeah Im entering the pico contest! And I thought of that too Kogut. Can pvc ball valves be in like... half open/halve closed positions? to adjust flow? Or do they just shut on and off?


Yeah I'm pretty exited about this one. Should be like a little saltwater paludarium thing... The only thing is, is that I Won't be able to make an external durso thing on the bottom drain, because during hight tide, it would flow out the air hole... hhmmmmmmm...

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Looks great, I only see one problem...The flared nozzle and the strainer at the bottum is going to drain all the water out when the electricity goes out...

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You're right about the flared nozzle, but when there's no electricity running through the spinkler valve, it's in the closed position.


COuld I just use a checkvalve? Are they pretty reliable?

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