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Cultivated Reef

Help Good or bad?!


I need to know if this is harmful or not! Help, it looks like its multiplying!!!!

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I'm not sure what those feather like things are, but I'm pretty sure that it's not multiplying... unless it has laid some kinda eggs on your corals. Those feather things are a part of it's body... when it eats your zoos, the "feathers" become the same color as your zoos.... the symbiotic algae (reason for color in your zoos) gets stored in them after the bad nudi eats 'em. Search "How to kill a Nudist"

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sir winston mulligan


they are zoo eating nudis and they are very bad(hence the name "zoo eating nudis") very bad fresh water dip all your zoos, because they are prolly chowing on them...the ones not on zoos suck them up with a turkey baster or a pipet, which ever works best for you...definaty fresh water dip all your zoos

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